Facebook No Longer #1 … For Teens

Twitter #1 platform for Teens
Source: Piper Jaffray

We write about it all the time in these posts. As authors, we must diversify our marketing. Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and the copious amounts of other options all play a role in connecting with our audience. Sometimes, we focus on one platform or another and spend most of our time there. That’s not a bad idea, unless that becomes your only platform. Continue reading “Facebook No Longer #1 … For Teens”

What Makes a Good YA Novel?

Melissa Pearl with Students at St. Kents
Melissa Pearl with Students at St. Kents

In no way would I consider myself an expert on writing. However, I have been studying and practicing the craft for well over a decade and my fifth book is about to be released in November, so I do feel slightly entitled to share the knowledge I have gleaned so far.

I was asked to write this post on what makes a good young adult novel. I have come up with a few suggestions of what I think are some of the necessary elements needed in a book written specifically for this audience.

First, and foremost, like with any good novel, you need a well-constructed story filled with diverse characters the reader can relate to.

Once you have this foundation, you may then need to think about what makes a story more YA than other books. Continue reading “What Makes a Good YA Novel?”

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