Making Hay Out of a Hurricane

tobo at the time you read this, it may be irrelevant. I’m writing to you on Monday, home from work due to the expected wallop of Hurricane Sandy on our forewarned-but-still-most-likely-unprotected heads, and hoping that I can finish this and send it off before the power inevitably goes out.

But maybe it won’t be irrelevant. The weather forecasters are saying that people in the path of the storm should be ready to be without power for up to a week. With NaNoWriMo starting on November 1, a week without power could be a very bad thing right now.

And bad weather happens all the time. Well, maybe not if you live someplace nice. But even paradise gets rain, wind, and the occasional freak hailstorm. Our job as writers is to capitalize on that inevitability. Continue reading “Making Hay Out of a Hurricane”

2012 Anniversary Special

Yes, it’s been a whole, entire year since the Evil Mastermind launched Indies Unlimited. You just may be wondering exactly how this all came to be. Well, a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… Aw, never mind. Just watch the video. It will tell you everything you need to know.

Stay tuned for more cool things coming soon from Indies Unlimited. We’ve got big plans. We’ll be announcing some of them in the next couple of weeks, so don’t go anywhere. And, thanks for joining us here. Without you…well, we’re glad you’re here. Thanks for helping to make Indies Unlimited’s first year a big success.

Promoting via Local Television? Yikes!

Author Rachel Hunter
Author Rachel Hunter

If any of you are like me when it comes to public speaking or appearances, you know what it feels like to get “the jitters.” Yes – “the jitters.” It’s what I call the strange tightening of the gut, the chill that spreads throughout the body (starting with the temples), the warmth that claims the fingers… and, of course, the sensation of noticing every little thing goes on with your body: from every swallow to every seemingly imperceptible blink. Yet, part of the responsibility of being a published author is that one must make a presence every now and then – whether that be through conventions, signings, or, as I wish to expand upon today, television interviews. Yes, that’s right: television. Some of you must be quivering in your flip-flops and curl-rimmed fedoras at the word; though, some of you may also be perking your head up with interest, ready to make an appearance. Either way, whether you are the of the former or the latter, I am here today to assure you: interviewing on television is quick, painless, and ultimately rewarding – not only for the feeling of accomplishment that it brings, but also for the promotional benefits it delivers. And you don’t have to be on Good Morning America or Oprah in order to be featured and reap the benefits. Continue reading “Promoting via Local Television? Yikes!”