Facebook’s Call to Action Button

facebook logoPerhaps in an effort to convince small businesses that Facebook fan pages aren’t useless unless they buy an ad (whoops – did I say that with my outside voice?), Facebook has instituted a new feature: a Call to Action button.

In marketing-speak, a call to action is the question or suggestion that gets you to do what the salesperson wants you to do: fill out a survey, sign up for a mailing list, buy a product, and so on. That’s exactly what this button does – and you get to pick what you want it to do. Continue reading “Facebook’s Call to Action Button”

Tutorial: Facebook Documents

I have to admit, when I first joined groups in Facebook, I had no idea what a Facebook document was, how to use it, or how to add my information to it. In fact, I still sort of dislike them (although I couldn’t tell you why) even though they are extremely useful.

Groups use Facebook documents to share information – like the Twitter handles, web sites, blogs, genres, and other kinds of data about their members. Some writers/reviewers groups use them to list books to be read or reviewed, and available reviewers and what genres they prefer.

One thing that may be confusing to some is that Facebook changed the nomenclature from “Documents” to “Files.” If you want to find the ones in your group, scroll up to the top of the page, to the right, and click “Files.” (see above, left) Continue reading “Tutorial: Facebook Documents”

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