Facebook Rolls out a New Look for its Facebook Pages

facebook logoFacebook is changing the layout for its “Page.” This is an opportunity to make sure you have everything in place on your Facebook Page. These changes give you more control and better visibility. As usual, they are rolling this out a little at a time; you may or may not have seen the change in your Page. Continue reading “Facebook Rolls out a New Look for its Facebook Pages”

New Facebook Call-to-Action Button Options

facebook logoEvery now and then, Facebook rolls out something new for business pages (author pages and book pages fall under the “business page” umbrella). Most recently, Facebook has added more options to their call-to-action button.

If your page doesn’t yet have a call-to-action button, it’s easy to set up. I wrote about how to do it awhile ago. At the time, I picked the “Shop Now” button as my call-to-action button, and pointed it to my Amazon Author page.

But to be honest, the button hasn’t gotten me a lot of action. Maybe people visiting my page have been puzzled by the idea of a “Shop Now” button for an author; maybe they think of “Shop Now” as more appropriate for designer handbags or jewelry. I dunno. But just in case, I’m going to change my call-to-action button to one of Facebook’s new options. Continue reading “New Facebook Call-to-Action Button Options”

Facebook’s Call to Action Button

facebook logoPerhaps in an effort to convince small businesses that Facebook fan pages aren’t useless unless they buy an ad (whoops – did I say that with my outside voice?), Facebook has instituted a new feature: a Call to Action button.

In marketing-speak, a call to action is the question or suggestion that gets you to do what the salesperson wants you to do: fill out a survey, sign up for a mailing list, buy a product, and so on. That’s exactly what this button does – and you get to pick what you want it to do. Continue reading “Facebook’s Call to Action Button”

Big Changes to Facebook Cover Photos (but it’s a secret)

Facebook LogoBig news for cover photos on Facebook. As you may know, Facebook has very strict guidelines when it comes to what you can say, what you can do, and how you “advertise” on your Facebook Page. Of course, the reason was, Facebook wants you to advertise through Facebook ads!

However, very quietly, Facebook has dropped some of its restrictions; most importantly, it doesn’t disallow Call-to-Actions. Hold on, before you grammar police get all handcuffing on me, the previous sentence was meant as a double negative. You see, Facebook didn’t come out and say, “You can now do this.” They actually just dropped the language that says you can’t. Continue reading “Big Changes to Facebook Cover Photos (but it’s a secret)”