Tutorial: Tweeting to Facebook

It was brought to my attention by the Evil Mastermind that I’d missed a tutorial. We’ve covered how to generate tweets from Facebook here. But I’d yet to cover how to generate status updates from Twitter to Facebook. Shame on me, especially because I was already doing it.

Currently I have my stuff set up so that Mr. Pish’s page and my personal author Facebook page send updates to their respective Twitter accounts. But, since my personal Facebook account is marked private, I don’t want those updates going out to the world on Twitter. So, I have it set up so that any time I go to Twitter and tweet, it sends an update to my Facebook profile. Continue reading “Tutorial: Tweeting to Facebook”

Twitter Adds New Header Feature

Every week there are more and more changes in social media and this week was no exception. With all the sites letting you get more creative, Twitter stepped up to the plate this week to let you add a header that becomes a background for your profile. This change will allow you to swap photos in and out over time depending on your mood, or marketing campaign.

It’s really simple to set up. Open your Twitter account and go to the little gear up in the right-hand corner. Click and select “Settings” and “Design.”

Continue reading “Twitter Adds New Header Feature”