27 thoughts on “Tuesday Tutorial: Tweeting from Facebook”

  1. Turns out I already had mine linked and don’t remember doing it. This helped just to make sure it was done since I don’t know how I did it in the first place (see first comment, lol). Getting PCRS. Thanks Kat

  2. And if you use Twitter more than Facebook(I don’t, but I’m sure some do), you can go to settings-profile-“post your tweets on facebook”. I think it’s an option it gives you when you first sign up tor Twitter too.

    1. That’s true, too, Brian – I have Twitter set up to tweet to my personal FB profile because that way each time my personal blog had a post go live, that would tweet and automatically get posted to FB. It’s a big confusing circle!

    1. I’d say it just depends which you use more. Since I have 3 Twitter accounts, it’s easier for me not to be constantly logging in and out of them to generate tweets. And, I’m pretty much glued to Facebook, so it’s easier for me to generate the tweets that way. Or I could use HootSuite, but I’m just lazy.

  3. Excellent tutorial, thank you! When people post from Twitter to Facebook, though, the posts look weird, especially when full of hashtags. It’s way more obvious that you’re cross-posting when you go in that direction.

  4. It also looks weird when you make a post full of hashtags on FB so they’ll show up on Twitter. Not that I do that all the time, or anything, lol.

    My favorite doofus thing to do is share something on FB — oh, say, an IU link — and forget to select “on my Page”. So then I get posts with hashtags on my personal page. (eyeroll)

  5. Do you have any idea how long it takes for the connection to “go live”? I have connected the Facebook account, and posted a test message, but it didn’t post to twitter. ๐Ÿ™

    1. I’m not certain – mine went live pretty much immediately. Do you have more than one Twitter account and perhaps it posted to the other one because you were already logged into it?

  6. You saved but Twitter butt – thank you! I had this working, then a couple months back I changed my twitter ID from @donnamcnicol to @dbmcnicol. I thought I had caught the change everywhere but finally noticed none of my Camp NaNoWriMo tweets were appearing from FB.

    Went in, changed the ID. Thought all was peachy. Saw this tutorial and figured I should double-check everything. Good thing I did, I’ve been tweet-bombing my followers from my PERSONAL Facebook account.

    Be careful folks!!!

  7. I really have to admit to being scared to death of twitter and I’m not very much more au fait with Facebook (that’s the dinosaur in me), I really must get across these things though. Great tutorial, Kat, thanks for that.

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