How to Use Twitter for the Complete Newbie

A real Blue Bird not a twitter birdImagine a bunch of friends and acquaintances all in the same room wandering around yelling out random short remarks (maybe where they plan to go out to dinner or that they love their spouse) while others are screaming. Add other people waving a handful of pamphlets in the air, yelling “read this” or screaming “buy my book” or some other attempt to sell something. Occasionally another person will shout out a response to one of those questions. Sometimes people will grab half of those pamphlets and run to an adjoining room to try passing them out there or to repeat one of those remarks or questions for the people in the other room.

To be fair, most of the people above are polite; everyone takes their turn and doesn’t talk over the other guy. But even so, keeping track of all the things being said and the multiple conversations that interest you is tricky. It’s heaven (or maybe hell) for someone suffering from ADHD. I’m not so sure it doesn’t cause it in others.

This, in a nutshell, is Twitter. Continue reading “How to Use Twitter for the Complete Newbie”

Registering a HashTag

twubs logoThe other day, I was chatting with an author who had registered the title of her book as a hashtag. She really had it together – mentioning the hashtag in her book, and even in her book’s description. I was wowed by this level of planning and technology.

“How did you know to register the hashtag?” I asked.

“It was in an article on Indies Unlimited,” she answered.

Well, I’ll be. And it sure was. Lynne Cantwell interviewed Kriss Morton and wrote Hashtags 501 – and I must have been so dazzled by the amazing amount of hashtag knowledge that I missed that part.

I kind of liked the idea of registering a hashtag, so I decided to give it a shot. I went to and entered “MrPish” in the big “enter a hashtag” box. A little wheel spun for a moment, but there were no results. Cool! This hashtag was mine, all mine! *rubbing hands together in an evil manner* Continue reading “Registering a HashTag”

Tutorial: Tweeting to Facebook

It was brought to my attention by the Evil Mastermind that I’d missed a tutorial. We’ve covered how to generate tweets from Facebook here. But I’d yet to cover how to generate status updates from Twitter to Facebook. Shame on me, especially because I was already doing it.

Currently I have my stuff set up so that Mr. Pish’s page and my personal author Facebook page send updates to their respective Twitter accounts. But, since my personal Facebook account is marked private, I don’t want those updates going out to the world on Twitter. So, I have it set up so that any time I go to Twitter and tweet, it sends an update to my Facebook profile. Continue reading “Tutorial: Tweeting to Facebook”

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