Book Brief: Fissured

FissuredFissured: Book Two of the Pipe Woman Chronicles
by Lynne Cantwell
Genre of this Book: urban fantasy/paranormal romance
Word count: 58,364

If anything can go wrong…

It’s not bad enough that Naomi Witherspoon is second-guessing her relationship with her new boyfriend, Ute shapeshifter Joseph Curtis. Now she’s been attacked by a jaguar in downtown Denver. And somebody has built a hydraulic fracturing operation down the road from their friend Charlie’s ranch. An independent filmmaker named Jack Rivers has conveniently appeared, and is documenting Charlie’s problems with the fracking operation. Naomi thinks Jack might be the Investigator – the fourth member of the team a Lakota Indian goddess set up to help Naomi broker peace between Jehovah and the pagan pantheons – but Jack seems more interested in causing trouble among Naomi, Joseph, and her best friend Shannon, than in helping out their team.

When the operator of the fracking facility turns out to be an old acquaintance, Naomi begins to wonder how many Tricksters it takes to make a divine deal….

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Featured Book: Special Offers

Special OffersSpecial Offers
by M.L. Ryan
Genres: Paranormal romance, romantic comedy
Available from Amazon.

What would you do if you were possessed by a magically endowed being from another dimension who was trapped in your newly purchased Kindle eBook reader? Special Offers, the first book of the Coursodon Dimension Series, combines paranormal romance, urban fantasy, science fiction and a healthy dose of quirky humor


“Luckily for Sebastian, someone must have been testing the wireless capabilities of one just as he became disembodied, and he was intercepted by this,” he declared as he dramatically picked up my Kindle. He looked at the eBook reader with both wonder and admiration and whispered, “He did it. That crazy bastard actually did it.”

I shouldn’t have interrupted his obvious veneration, but I couldn’t contain myself. I vaguely recalled that data is transferred over the internet using the ones and zeros of binary code, but turning oneself into computer speak seemed unimaginable.

“So how is that even possible?” I queried.

He stared at me for a long time. Eventually, he shook his head slowly, a look of total incredulity sweeping over his handsome face.

“Let me get this straight. You’ve accepted that you are essentially possessed by a supernatural being who trapped himself in your Kindle to avoid destruction by a sociopathic outlaw, but you are questioning if the process is technically feasible?”

What others are saying:

All in all, Special Offers is a fantastically fun, extremely entertaining read that will have you laughing out loud and eager for the next in the series. – Reading by the Beach

Video Trailer: Undertow

UndertowNavy Lt. Darrell Warren thinks he’s being sent to investigate a terrorist threat against a critical bridge-tunnel. Instead, his commander orders him to infiltrate the terrorists. And he must do it without his housemates – Sue’s on vacation and Tess is chasing a hurricane. When all three end up in Virginia Beach on Labor Day, you can bet the gods want Darrell to succeed. But will that be enough?

Undertow: Land, Sea, Sky Book 2, the urban fantasy by Lynne Cantwell, is available from, Smashwords, Amazon UK, and other online booksellers.

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Book Brief: Gravid

GravidGravid: Book Four of the Pipe Woman Chronicles
by Lynne Cantwell
Genre of this Book: urban fantasy/paranormal romance
Word count: 63,118

Denial is not just a river in Egypt…

Naomi Witherspoon, back home in Denver after her “vacation” in South Dakota, has amassed a catalog of things she doesn’t want to think about. Her due date is just around the corner, but she has yet to buy a single diaper – let alone look for a bigger place for her, her boyfriend Joseph, and the baby. Speaking of housing problems, Joseph’s grandfather is in failing health and needs to move out of his wickiup, but the old man won’t budge. Naomi and Joseph may have found a replacement for their woo-woo teammate/nemesis Jack in TV reporter Antonia Greco – but Antonia comes with her own set of problems, not least of which is that she’s dating Naomi’s ex-fiance, Brock. Meanwhile, Jack has escaped from the Mexican drug lord who owns him, and the thugs sent to find him aren’t above roughing people up.

Best of all, Naomi hasn’t shared any of this with her mother, who wants to sell her house in Indiana and move to Colorado.

If Naomi can negotiate this minefield, mediating an agreement between White Buffalo Calf Pipe Woman and Jehovah ought to be a piece of cake…

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