SELF-e: Connecting Indie Authors with Libraries

Library Journal SELF-e LogoRecently I was notified that my novel, Stone’s Ghost, was selected for the SELF-e program. This is a fairly new program designed to connect indie authors with libraries and create a win-win partnership. Authors provide their eBooks to the program for free; no royalties are paid to the author. The libraries then provide the books free to their patrons. In the past, indie authors have had difficulty getting their books into the library systems, but this new partnership will mitigate that hurdle and the author will have nationwide exposure. This is no small measure, since the Library Journal deduced that, “Over 50 percent of all library users go on to purchase eBooks by an author they were introduced to in the library.”

In order to find out more about this growing new system, I went to the source, Mitchell Davis. That name may be familiar to you. Mitchell was one of the original founders of BookSurge, which was sold to Amazon in 2005 and became CreateSpace. Continue reading “SELF-e: Connecting Indie Authors with Libraries”

A Beginner’s Tips for Setting Up Instagram

Is Instagram for Authors?A few weeks ago, our Jim Devitt wrote a tutorial on How to Get Started on Instagram. Since I am always taking photographs, I figured this would be a great app for me. It seemed like everyone else was on Instagram, so it made sense to finally take the plunge. I was very grateful to have Jim’s article to guide me through.

Being a technological dinosaur – and that’s Ms. Megapnosaurus to you, thank you – I needed a little bit more hand-holding. So here are some tips that might help those of you new to smart phones and apps, and all that other newfangled stuff. Continue reading “A Beginner’s Tips for Setting Up Instagram”

March 2015 Video Trailer of the Month

IU Video trailer awardsMarch is now over and we’ve featured four more excellent video trailers on Indies Unlimited this month. Take a moment, check them out, and then let us know which one you liked best by voting for Trailer of the Month. Take a look and pick your favorite. No cash. No prizes.  It’s all for the glory! Well, and for the fun, of course! Just click on the links below to see the corresponding video trailer, then come on back here and cast your vote. One vote per person, please. .

The contestants this month are:

Rock ‘n Roll Heaven

The Spark

Amira, Immortal Daughter from Penglai

In Search of Lucy

Mommy and Mikel Go for a Walk


Which was your favorite video during March 2015?

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