Richard Trisdale Wins Flash Fiction Challenge

Congratulations to Richard Trisdale whose entry won this week’s Indies Unlimited Flash Fiction Challenge.

The voter-selected story is recognized with a special feature here today and wins a place in our 2015 Flash Fiction Anthology, which will be published as an eBook when this year’s challenges are completed.

Without further ado, here’s the winning story:

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Author Fan Club Awesomeness

Melissa Pearl Fan Club on Facebook
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Last month I talked about Street Teams and well, how mine didn’t actually go so great. This month I want to talk about Fan Clubs and how I prefer this to what I was doing before.

So, what’s the difference between a Street Team and a Fan Club? Well, for me, I thought of a street team as a group of people who could help me promote my work. Like my own little set of minions, they would do things for me and I would reward them with free eBooks and the odd surprise gift. When this didn’t work out, I wanted to try something completely different. I took the advice of a few successful author friends of mine and started up the Melissa Pearl Fan Club. Continue reading “Author Fan Club Awesomeness”

And the Publishing Process Survey Says: Part 2

Book Production Process SurveyEarlier this month, I wrote about overall publishing costs among respondents to our Book Production Process Survey. I included an extensive disclaimer which you should read first if you haven’t already. (It wouldn’t be a bad idea to read it again, even if you did the first time.) Also, for this or any of the posts in this series, it could be worthwhile to review the definitions given for the different roles and functions on the original post if there is some question about the terminology used.

In this installment, I’m going to look at the overall process used by survey respondents in moving their books from the first draft through publication, with a focus on which of the potential steps are used most often. In future posts I’ll drill down, going into more detail on some of the steps, as well as how and when they are used. Continue reading “And the Publishing Process Survey Says: Part 2”