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penguin with kindle ksbShhhh. The magic reading penguin is saying that everyone should hurry over to Indies Unlimited where each Thursday we make it super easy for you to find hot free and 99 cent eBook deals. Make sure to tell your friends to come on over to Thrifty Thursday and check ’em out! The magic reading penguin has spoken.

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Authors: if you have a book priced at 99¢ or less (that’s right, post your free eBooks here, too!), follow the instructions below and post it right in the comment section. Got more than one bargain book? Go ahead and post them all if you like, but only one book and ONE link per comment please!

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5. Whether your book is free or 99 cents (and for how long/what dates)

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62 thoughts on “Thrifty Thursday: eBook Deals Just for You”

  1. Cookin’ With the Hopkins, Growing up in the 70s.
    Jacqueline Hopkins
    Anecdotal stories and photos to go with the author’s favorite foods she grew up with in Idaho and Colorado.

    $0.99 (always this price)

  2. Life Lessons, Words of Wisdom Buried in a Box
    J R Hopkins
    A collection of the author’s father’s life lessons, how he learned them, and the author’s own life lessons with photographs.

    $0.99 (always this price)

  3. Life First
    RJ Crayton
    When the government wants to steal her kidney, Kelsey Reed makes the only choice she can: run.

    99 cents

  4. Almost Perfect (A short story)
    An insolent grandson with special DNA requires a special solution; find out Bitsy’s.


  5. Back From Chaos: Book One of Earth’s Pendulum: $0.90
    By: Yvonne Hertzberger
    An assassin, a young lord, his lady and her maid don’t know it – but the goddess Earth needs them to heal her power and save their world.

  6. His Outback Cowgirl
    Alissa Callen
    Bridie heads to the Montana mountains to grieve for her father but it is her stubborn cowboy guide who poses the biggest threat to her heart.

    99 cents until 6/6/15

  7. The DCI Jones Casebook: Raymond Collins
    Kerry J Donovan
    Get to know veteran British cop, David Jones and his Serious Crime Unit.


  8. Amadea: One Spring in France
    Michelle Granas
    New release. Unexpected friendships develop in a French village and change lives.

    $.99 this week (free with Kindle Unlimited)

  9. Swans Are Fat Too
    Michelle Granas
    A heartwarming love story between an overweight pianist and a disinherited prince in Warsaw—an Amazon bestseller.

    $.99 this week (free with Kindle Unlimited)

  10. At Odds with Destiny
    Uvi Poznansky
    Each one of the novels in this boxed set is outside the box. Open it at your own risk!

    FREE 06/04/2015-06/10/2015

  11. Uvi Poznansky
    Home. A simple word; a loaded one. Expressed in the voices of father and daughter, you can hear a visceral longing for an ideal place, a place never to be found again.

    FREE 06/04/2015-06/10/2015

  12. Rise to Power
    Uvi Poznansky
    Here is the story of David as you have never heard it before: from the king himself, telling the unofficial version, the one he never allowed his court scribes to recount.

    FREE 06/04/2015-06/7/2015

  13. Free Tools For Writers, Bloggers & Solopreneurs
    By Karen Banes
    Free tools, apps and resources to help you run your blog, website or other online business on a shoestring budget.

    Always 99 cents

  14. Uvi Poznansky
    Leave the lights on when reading these dark tales, “I try my best not to rattle, not to betray my fear…”

    $0.99 06/04/2015-06/10/2015

  15. Heroes In Uniform Boxed Set
    by Dana Marton, Sharon Hamilton, Gennita Low, etc
    Soldiers, SEALs, Spies, Rangers and Cops: Sexy Hot Contemporary Alpha Heroes from ten NY Times and USA Today bestselling authors


  16. Ten Brides for Ten Hot Guys Boxed Set
    by Donna Fasano, Helen Scott Taylor, Rebecca York, Nina Bruhns
    Ten New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors bring you ten awesome stories featuring super-hot guys determined to find their perfect brides.


  17. Flexible Dieting Handbook: How To Lose Weight by Eating What You Want
    by James H. Mayfield
    You can eat whatever you want and achieve the physique you desire!

    99 cents until June 8th

  18. 1. Kai’s Journey; New World Chronicles
    2. Charles Siefken and Wendy Siefken
    3. Can one man find love and a place to belong in a world that has changed forever?

    5. .99 forever

  19. 1. Curse of the Red Eyed Witch
    2. Charles Siefken and Wendy Siefken
    3. A man who has run his circus with an iron fist now comes face to face with an old wives tale.

    5. .99 always

  20. 1. Hiding in Plain Sight
    2. Wendy Siefken and Charles Siefken
    3. A man hiding from his past and trying to start over new, will a robbery bring his world crashing down around him?

    5. .99 always

  21. 1. Kai’s Journey 2; A New Beginning
    2. Charles Siefken and Wendy Siefken
    3. With his memory gone, can he get it back in time to save his friends?

    5. .99 Until the 15th

  22. 1. Kai’s Journey 3; A Home at Last
    2. Charles Siefken and Wendy Siefken
    3. Will they be in time to save their friends from the torturous militia?

    5. .99 until the 15th

  23. “The Sun Singer” by Malcolm R.Campbell
    While on vacation in the mountains, Robert steps through a time portal into a look-alike universe where magic runs deeper than the rivers.

    99 cents this week

  24. 1. The Jack Bowman Story
    2. Charles Siefken and Wendy Siefken
    3. Can a man find redemption for his past in a world full of the living dead?

    5. .99 forever

  25. Marshal in Petticoats:Book one of the Halsey Brothers historical western romance series.
    by Paty Jager
    After accidentally shooting a bank robber, Darcy Duncan becomes marshal of a town as accident prone as herself.

    FREE- permanently

  26. Conjure Woman’s Cat
    by Malcolm R. Campbell
    When local officials refuse to solve the murder of a young girl, conjure woman Eulalie takes matters into her own hands.

    $0.99 today and tomorrow

  27. The Storyteller’s Bracelet
    by Smoky Zeidel
    When Sun Song and Otter are forced from their tribe and required to attend school in the East, they face challenges they couldn’t have imagined.

    $0.99 today only

  28. To Ignite a Fire on Enceladus and Jack London’s To Build a Fire
    Vincent Miskell
    Along with the original “To Build a Fire,” a SF version tells how a space miner is struggling to stay alive on an icy moon of Saturn where he has crash-landed with a dog.

    (also Smashwords, B&N, Sony, etc.)
    99 cents

  29. #FREE
    Falls of Redemption – BOOK 4
    In a land where men and women believe they can become gods, a young man is forced to become the warrior he never wanted to be.

  30. Cookie Cutter
    Jo Richardson
    She likes things neat & organized, he’s enjoying a little bit of chaos these days.
    Contemporary Romance

    99 cents from Friday 6/5 until Midnight Sunday 6/7

  31. Travel Glasses (The Call to Search Everywhen, #1)
    Chess Desalls
    A YA Time travel fantasy filled with metafiction and literary twistiness.

    99 cents until Amazon reverts back to the suggested retail price!

  32. Insight Kindling (The Call to Search Everywhen, #2)
    Chess Desalls
    Calla’s time travel adventure continues on a mission to seek the lost.

    99 cents for a limited time!

  33. And The Earth Moved (Amber Reed Mystery)
    Zanna Mackenzie
    Romantic comedy meets murder mystery – in the world of the famous
    99c throughout June 2015

  34. The Martian Engineer’s Notebook, Volume 1
    Eric Nabity
    A scientific supplement and critique of The Martian by Andy Weir. Should Mark Watney have survived?


  35. Pregnancy: For The First Time Moms, Things Other Moms May Not Have Told You
    by Sophie Kingston
    Find the answers to the most burning questions new parents ask when they get that positive test result.

    FREE on June 4th

  36. Into Tolari Space ~ The First Contact Stories
    by Christie Meierz
    Two SF short stories about humanity’s first contact with the empathic Tolari, one from each side of the meeting.
    Always FREE!

  37. The Hidden Princess
    Angela Poppe
    To keep her identity hidden, Eliza must obey a terrible spell: she accepts to be transformed into a witch each time she sings.

    $ 0.99 (permanently)

  38. Maybury Place
    by Keitha Smith
    New neighbors cause chaos in a tranquil street leading to a revelation of secrets. Think Jane Austen meets Desperate Housewives.

    $0.99 until 8th June

  39. The Yanks Are Starving: A Novel of the Bonus Army
    Glen Craney
    In this sweeping historical novel, a rail-riding hobo leads thousands of unemployed WWI veterans to Washington, D.C., culminating in the only violent clash ever waged between two American armies under the same flag.

    99 cents (reg. $8.99) from June 4-9. (Also Nook, Kobo, IBooks, and Smashwords)

  40. The Hidden Princess
    Angela Poppe
    To keep her identity hidden, Eliza is forced to obey a powerful spell: each time she sings, she turns little by little into a hideous witch.

    $ 0.99 (permanently)

  41. Outsourcing Mastery: How to Build a Thriving Internet Business with an Army of Freelancers
    Steve Scott
    In “Outsourcing Mastery” you’ll discover a detailed strategy for getting the most from the tasks that you delegate.

    Free until June 8th

  42. Nine Day Novel-Authorphobia: Laugh at Your Fear of Writing: Suck Less for Author Success
    by Steve Windsor
    Can’t take the first step in becoming an author? Afraid you’ll suck at writing?

    FREE on June 6th

  43. Stoking the Embers – Book 1: (Romantic Suspense)
    by Leslie Johnson
    Will the embers of Stephanie’s and Ken’s budding relationship be smothered or stoked?

    Permanently FREE

  44. HOURGLASS FITNESS OVER 50: Easy Tips & Workouts For Fat Loss, Look Great, Feel Great
    by Sandy Schultz
    Take Action Now…and start living the life you were meant to live!

    FREE until June 8th

  45. Sciatica: Low Back Pain Relief Once and For All (Super Spine)
    by Sean Sumner
    Take action and learn the specifics you can start doing today to bring back the joy of pain-free life and get your back in better shape for the future.

    FREE until June 8th

  46. Dash Diet Slow Cooker Recipes: 60 Delicious Low Sodium Slow Cooker Recipes
    Renee Sanders
    DISCOVER: How to reduce your weight & control your blood pressure naturally using DASH Diet!

    Free on June 8-th

  47. Blood Pressure Solution: How to lower your Blood Pressure without medication using Natural Remedies
    Jessica Robbins
    DISCOVER: How to lower your BLOOD PRESSURE without medication using NATURAL REMEDIES

    Free on June 8th

  48. Slicing the Hype: A Simple Formula for Finding Great Nonfiction e-Books
    Michal Stawicki
    In this book, Slicing the Hype, Michal reveals who’s worth reading on Amazon and how to quickly discern them from the surrounding ocean of trash.

    Free on June 8th – June 9th

  49. Architects of Destiny (Cadicle: Volume 1)
    by Amy DuBoff
    Cris’ dream was to study telekinesis with the TSS, but following his path puts him at the center of a generations-old galactic conspiracy.

    Permanently $0.99

  50. Get Clutter Free for Life (This Weekend)
    True minimalist living includes a clutter free environment and that means a paradigm shift along with a change of attitude and approach.

    .99 cents from Friday 6/12/2015 through Wed.6/17/2015

  51. Claiming Victory: A Romantic Comedy (The Dartmouth Diaries Book 1)
    by Beverley Watts
    Full of romantic humour, Claiming Victory is a must for fans of funny love stories – especially quirky British Romantic comedies.

    FREE on June 9th

  52. Wanted: New Adult Romance (Love in London Series Book 1)
    by Demelza Watts
    Join Beth and Theo as they navigate the treacherous journey of love in Wanted, the first book of the Love in London Series

    $0.99 Deal until end of the week.

  53. My Blog Traffic Sucks! 8 Simple Steps to Get 100,000 Blog Visitors without Working 8 Days a Week
    by Steve Scott
    Who Else Wants to Get 100,000 Visitors to Their Blog?

    FREE until June 13th

  54. Weight Loss Secrets: 67 Little Known Ways to Lose Weight and Burn Belly Fat Permanently
    by James O’Dea
    This book contains 67 Little Known Secrets to help you Lose Weight Permanently!

    FREE on June 10th – June 11th

  55. The Keeper
    R. L. Mosz
    Dr. Chris Seacrest, one of the world’s shining stars, meets struggling patient, Caitlin Rosenberry. A series of cataclysmic events is set into motion from which there is no turning back.

    $0.99 permanently

  56. Roses in December: A Sentimental Romance from the 1970s
    R. L. Mosz
    After a terrible loss, Annie begins her life again with her uncle and niece. But her newfound love for whimsical Ethan threatens to derail her life a second time.

    $0.99 permanently

  57. Clonmac’s Bridge: an archeological mystery Jeffrey Perren
    Ancient bridge connects astonishing events, and Griffin Clonmac will go through hell to find out!

    On Sale 0.99 US & UK

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