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Author Central Likefest
Everyone wants to be liked, right?

Did y’all know that you can follow an author via their Author Central page? Don’t have an Author Central page? Oh! The humanity! Here’s how to make one. It’s free. Don’t be the last one to have one, for crying out loud.

Just put the link to your Author Central page from Amazon in the comment section below, and people will click over and give you a nice, gratifying follow.

[Don’t forget, if you right-click the links, you can choose to have them open in a separate tab so you don’t have to worry about navigating back and forth to pages.]

Please submit ONE AUTHOR PAGE only. Don’t know how to follow an author? Just look at the screenshot below. It only takes one click!Amazon author page followAs a matter of good form, if you do put your link in so other people can follow your page, do take the trouble to like the others. Don’t be “that guy.” Here’s one to get you kicked off:

The Evil Mastermind and our founder, five-star author Stephen Hise: Give him a follow, he’ll love it!

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123 thoughts on “Amazon Author Page Follow-Fest”

  1. Ya know, I never really noticed that FOLLOW button. Then when I published “At Sea,” Amazon sent me an e-mail asking if I wanted to write a special message that they would use with my followers. Followers? I have followers? Wow. Happy to see your post about this as well as a list of cool people to follow.
    Here’s the endless address for my Amazon page:

    1. Hee hee! And now you have another! I know what you mean, though, it’s like when I got this post saying ‘keep on writing, I just loved reading about your village!” and it’s like, “hey, someone besides my mom is reading this?” Looking forward to seeing what you are writing.

    1. My husband loved a lot your “Life first” book! I will write review soon (That’s not my genre and he has no account on Amazon, so we’ll cooperate:), thanks for reminding by posting your author’s page:)

  2. Oh – love the cover for your “The Blue Nightgown” going off to buy it right now (from the French Amazon – which may show up as Great Britain… weird Amazon, weird!)

    1. Thank you Sally. So sweet of you. My grandson designed it. He’s a second year film student at Dodge College, Chapman U. I’ll let him know you like it. πŸ™‚

    2. oh – actually no, it will be the US one…. it is always something different from what I expect based on past experiences. I’ll start reading tonight! – Salley

      1. Thanks again, Salley. And please leave a review when you’re done. I just read a Facebook post that says only 1% of book readers leave reviews and reviews do drive sales, which is something we all want. Happy reading and writing.

  3. Hi everyone,
    Just checking on to say I’ve followed everyone up to here and will continue to do so. I seei so many wonderful new books to read! This is so much fun πŸ™‚

    1. Julia, a woman after my own heart. I do the same, write in different genres. I think it’s a reflection on what I read as well. So eclectic. But that’s fun for me. Fun to delve into different worlds and styles. And fun to stretch myself in new ways. Good luck with your sales.

  4. Great fest IU. Thanks. Here’s the link to my Author Page on Amazon. It took a while but I’ve followed everyone to thise point and will check for more later. Good luck and success to all. I’ll be looking for more Trouble on the Straits with my MC, Charley Manner. πŸ™‚

    1. Michael, just read your book blurb. My debut novel has a scuba diver too. Very different take on it, though also some action for sure with scuba diving looking for a lost ship from the Spanish Armada off the coast of Ireland. Best of luck with your work.

      1. Yes, Diana, diving is an integral part of the story. The MC is an exNavy SEAL and dangerous action abounds in contrast to the romance and mystery in A Cry From The Deep. Still, there are common threads the ocean brings, although Charley Manner prefers the warm Carribean waters versus the North Atlantic off the coast of Ireland. Brrrr. Thanks for commenting and checking out Trouble on the Straits. BTW, the sequel underway has a working title of Deep Strait, no cries from another time, just more trouble. πŸ™‚

    1. What a neat way to get to “know” everyone. My debut novel is releasing on June 17th. It’s nice to be included in such a diverse group.

  5. Wow! What I just’ve noticed.
    I went to my profile on Amazon and found out that I am following 36 people and 0 follows me.
    I was a little surprised – okay, people can skip me in this post and not follow, but everybody?! It turs out, that my privacy settings were set to “doesn’t allow customers to follow you”.
    I’d never notice it if ot this thread! Thank you!
    May I ask you to follow me again?
    And check your privacy settings!

      1. Andy, now I think there might be two different profiles – probably there is my Amazon ucer profile and Author’s profile. And I have, probably, zero followers as a user, but I don’t know how to check how much followers I do have as an author. Sorry for confusing everybody. i am not sure again, but it might be a possible explanation, because I still have 0 followers on that page.

        1. Tanya,

          I think you are right. I have a user profile for my Amazon account and also an author page within the same account but use a pen name. I have not been able to locate a list of followers for my author page. And to complicate things I just enabled Followers (thanks to your note here) so have zero listed. Maybe shome people here can try to follow me again?

          A few hours ago I sent a Help note to Amazon from my author page asking if there is a separate Follower list associated with my Author Page and not my user account. Haven’t heard yet.

          Perhaps someone at IU can investigate this twist?

          1. I am pretty certain it is two separate things. I think people can follow your reviews which would come under your user account, not your Author Central account. Someone is already looking into it, but it doesn’t seem to be anywhere handy for authors to locate.

  6. Hi Tanja,
    Absolutely! Can you tell me what you actually clicked in privacy settings. On my profile page I can see who I’m following but not how many followers.

    1. I clicked on the 0 followers next to the number of people I’m following. That opened a window that said something like “Oops. Your privacy settings don’t allow customers to follow you.” I clicked on a link also there that sent me to my provacy settings where I checked the box allowing followers. Clear? Meh. Maybe. Good luck.

      1. I unchecked every option in my privacy settings + saved the page, but whenever I reopen the page they are restored. And I don’t see anywhere a label “0 Followers”.. baffled…

        1. Andy,

          Log on to your Amazon account then click on your avatar/user image. A new page should open with a summary of your reviews, following and followers. It looks like this:

          Helpful votes 15. Following 51 Followers 0 Edit profile

          If you click on the numbers, a list opens up. In my case there are 0 Followers and thats what it says. Before I enabled Followers the message said Oops, etc. you need to allow Followers.

          To do that, click on Edit profile. The check the box down near the bottom of the page that allows followers. SAVE and you’re done. I hope this works for you.

          1. I do not think that is for your Author Central account, though. It sounds like that’s your user account. So you wouldn’t have any followers there, if that makes any sense.

        2. I just realized I had the same issue. Andy, I don’t know if this helps, but I had to look not on my Author Central page, but on my profile as a reviewer. That page showed that I’m following 20 people (soon to be more) but had zero followers. When I clicked on it, it was as Michael said – I had it set so people couldn’t follow. Changed now, but a day late and a dollar short….Argh.

          1. I’m wondering the same, Kat. They’re unrelated accounts – one as an Amazon buyer/user, and one as an author. If that’s the case, I don’t know of any way to see how many people are actually following any of us.

          2. I’m not a reviewer. I can’t find any Follower info as a buyer. I am lost….

            I used to design websites, so maybe I expect them to be user-friendly and intuitive.

      2. Thanks Michael,

        I’m trying, Im just not even seeing followers to click next to the people I’m following. I understand what you are saying though.

  7. The case of the missing Follower list continues.

    It appears many auors on this thread are having difficulty finding the location of their Followers that opted to follow them via the Follow+ button underneath their photo on their Author Page.

    It’s an Amazonian mystery, likely to become an ebook one day. πŸ™‚

    Seriously, it has become a chire to track down the location. The Author Central page navigation is not very helpful. I cannot find the blue menu bar that K.S. Brooks points to in her blog post (

    “If you click β€œprofile” on the blue bar in your Author Central dashboard, it will bring up a screen with everything you need to customize your page.”

    Perhaps it is my iPad? I will switch to a PC and try again.

    Anyone else have any luck?

    1. Sorry for the typos above. Can’t edit…darn.

      – auors are clearly authors with a few letters missing (don’t we all suffer from that affliction?)

      – chire should be chore, but it was too much for me to type correctly. πŸ™‚

      1. Thanks K.S. Unfortunately the menu does not offer a link to a Profile. Only Author Page, Books, Sales Info and Custome Reviews. No sign of a link to find out who is following. ???

        Hopefully, my query to the Amazonian gids in Customer Service will enlighten me.

        Any other ideas?

          1. I sent an email to amazon to see if there is a way to see your author following and was told no not at this point, but they will pass on the suggestion to keep in mind for author central.

          2. Yes, I understand. When I look at my Amazon User page, there is a menu that includes my Profile. Clicking it brings up the stats on who I’m following and who is following me (as a user/customer). All the authors I’ve ‘followed’ after reading your IU post are listed, but zero Followers are listed, presumably because they opted to follow me via my Author Page not me as an Amazon customer.

            We’re repeating now. I’ll wait for the Amazonian gods (not gids, … another typo, sorry) to reply to my query. Unless you or someone else at IU discovers the buried treasure map to locate our Followers. πŸ™‚

            Thanks for trying.

  8. To Laura Berlin. I was typing my post and did not see yours about Amazon CS reply about the Follower list. Seems odd that they have a big button encouraging visitors to Follow authors but do not have a way to tell the authors who is following. Maybe it’s a privacy/opt-in issue? In any case, when an author updates their Author Page, all their Followers receive an email about it. I know this because just today I received one from a few of the authors I just started to follow as a result of this IU article. Better than nothing but I hope Amazon adds access to atbleastbthe number of followers.

      1. It’s a work in progress, I guess. I’m off to read about the ebook giveaway in Lynne Cantwell’s post now.

        Book marketing is hard! I’d rather be writing the sequel to my first novel. ):

    1. I know, I think it’s very strange. It doesn’t make any sense.
      But I did receive the updates you were talking about also from people I started following today. So I guess, as long as it works πŸ™‚

      1. It appears to be a potentially highly valuable “blind-marketing” tool but is cumbersome/impractical to use and doesn’t provide the key marketing information – WHO your audience is.

  9. When you think about it, Amazon is all about control, to maintain dominance of the channel. The Follower lists provide them (and authors, indirectly) with a pool of qualified buyers that have ‘opted in’ to receive email updates. If they gave us the list, they become vulnerable to being cut out. Twitter is more generous and provide number and identity of our Followers and, of course, tell us who we are following. But they are not selling books and other stuff, right? πŸ™‚

    Okay, The Zon has us at their mercy if we want to participate. Maybe they will at least tell us the # of Followers? We’ll see. Here is a copy of the reply I received:

    Message From Customer Service


    I understand your concern that you wish to know the number of followers for your Author page.

    I’m sorry to inform that currently we don’t share the number of followers each author or contributor has.

    We appreciate your ideas; we’re always looking for ways to make our service more useful to authors.

    I’ve passed your message to the Author Central development team for consideration. We rely on author input as we make future plans for Author Central.

    I appreciate your patience and understanding in this situation. We look forward to seeing you again soon.

    We’d appreciate your feedback. Please use the links below to tell us about your experience today.

    Best regards,

    Regarding the numbers that are provided in our Amazon User Account Profile, the number and identity of who we are Following allows us to verify that all of our collective ‘Follow+’ clicks on each other’s Author Page has stuck.

    Of course, the Followers we all want and need from a book marketing perspective should be interested readers/buyers. It’s great to have support from fellow authors (some might become customers too) in any case and I would ask all of you to go to your Amazon Account Profile page and verify that you are following the three dozen or so authors here. the ‘Following’ list includes identity. Just click on the number to view it. Some of us, myself included did not check the box that allows Followers until it was pointed out here, so please visit my Author Page again and Follow.

    Thanks to all for participating and learning about this together. Any news about it would be good to hear about here.

    1. Michael, thanks for the info. The box to be checked for followers doesn’t impact your Author Central account – only your user/reviewer account, so there is no need for people to refollow. You do not have control over whether people can follow your Author Central page or not.

      1. It is confusing, isn’t it? You are right, now that I think about the linkage between User and Author accounts (or lack of it).

        Since I followed everyone when signed in to my Amazon account, My Following list resides only there. And since no one is following me as a User (despite my oustanding reviews I give. πŸ™‚ ) my Follow list is zero.

        So now I will receive, as a User/Reader, any updates made by the authors on my Following list. Good to receive if their books are on my genre-of-interest list. And we all know that authors should read ten times what they write to hone teir craft and learn from others.

        It’s all good if it helps develop our audience.

  10. So excited! I’ve found lots of new reads folling each of you and looking at your books.

    Here’s my page:

    I would really appreciate the follows, and will continue to check back here to find new authors to follow.

    Thanks much!

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