#IndieHero: Charles Ray

indie heroes logo darkI had no hesitation choosing Charles Ray as my Indie Hero and asking him to indulge us by answering a few questions about his writing, indie publishing, and reviewing because I have come to know him as a gracious man who is generous with his time, even though we have never met. Charles has written and published several books which have, in my mind, clearly earned him the right to be named a success. But what makes him my “Indie Hero” is his staunch support of other Indie authors. Where he finds the time or energy I don’t know, but he reads and reviews Indie books daily, not limiting himself to only one or two genres, but covering several. He writes blog posts on writing and self-publishing, where he is gracious and generous in supporting struggling and fledgling writers, and participates on the blogs of others as well. He always looks for and encourages excellence, and I see him as a man who educates both by example and through his gentle feedback.

As you will see, I was not disappointed. Take it away, Charles. Continue reading “#IndieHero: Charles Ray”