#IndieHeroes: IU Minions

indie heroes logo darkAs #IndieHero month here at Indies Unlimited comes to a close, I wanted to take a moment to shine the light on some of my Indie Heroes – the ones here at IU.

You see their articles every month – which you read for FREE. They sometimes have to work at finding a topic – like writing a book, ideas don’t always come that easily. Then, when they have to, they research them, write them, create the SEO information to go with them (yes, you ALL should be doing that each time you write a blog post – or who will see your stuff?), find a matching image, and then send them over to me by the deadline. That’s right, they do all this for free. Because they are super cool people, exemplars of the indie spirit.

Of course, I could go on forever as to how awesome the minions are, so I’ve limited myself to one or two sentences below describing why each of them is my #IndieHero: Continue reading “#IndieHeroes: IU Minions”

#IndieHero: BigAl

big al indie heroIndie heroes come in all shapes and sizes; some are authors and editors, and some are book reviewers. This particular book reviewer is an inspiration to many, and has become a a much appreciated fixture here at Indies Unlimited. Of course, we are talking about BigAl, avid Indie supporter and the head honcho over at BigAl’s Books & Pals and The IndieView.

Since BigAl hasn’t been around much lately, the minions and I decided to launch a sneak attack from around the gruel pot. Below, each of them has provided a little tidbit as to why BigAl is their #IndieHero. Here’s why:

Continue reading “#IndieHero: BigAl”

Bestselling Author, Sable Hunter – The Naked Interview

indie heroes logo darkMild-mannered church organist and accountant, Sable Hunter always had a vivid imagination. When she began writing her stories of cowboy and fair maiden fantasies she discovered she had a talent – an exceptional talent. This talent has helped her sell tons of books, develop an insanely protective group of readers, as well as see her ostracized from the community she served every Sunday. Sable Hunter just “does it”. She sets her goals and gets them done with no excuses. Sable is one of my Indie heroes. Here’s a rare glimpse into Sable’s life.

Martin: We should make it very clear for the readers before we begin; by “naked” we mean to get the naked truth about Sable Hunter, the author. So Sable, you are fully clothed. Aren’t you? Continue reading “Bestselling Author, Sable Hunter – The Naked Interview”

William Kowalski – Straddling Trad and Indie Publishing

indie heroes logo darkSeveral years ago I read William Kowalski‘s novel Eddie’s Bastard. For me this was a book that made an impression and stayed with me. Mr. Kowalski contacted me recently because he’d picked up my self-publishing guidebook and wanted to chat Indie publishing. When I discovered that he’d gone the Indie route a couple of years back, I knew I had to interview him. And when I heard what he’d been working on for Indie authors I knew I had to let you guys know.

Martin: Mr. Kowalski, thanks for doing this. I’ll get my fanboy moment out of the way right off the bat – thank you for Eddie’s Bastard. It’s one of my favorite books. Continue reading “William Kowalski – Straddling Trad and Indie Publishing”