Flash Fiction Challenge: The Oscars Has Gone to the Dogs

Mr Pish riding in the limo February 2013 Flash Fiction Writing Prompt
Photo copyright K. S. Brooks. Do not use without attribution. Happy Birthday, Sweet Mr. Pish.

The ride in the limo wasn’t all that. Sure, it was neat, but nowhere nearly as cool as the award Mr. Pish anticipated winning at the Oscars for his work in the remake of “It’s a Dog’s Life.” Well, okay, he was only nominated, but how could they resist giving him the award? It would be a Cinderella story for sure, wouldn’t it? Of course, he was up against stiff competition like Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, and who was that other guy … the one who played the pirate and wore a lot of eyeliner? Anyway, he was certain that since he was the underdog … ha! That’s dog humor – since he was the underdog, he was a sure win. Too bad he’d left the little card with his acceptance speech on it at home…

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4 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Challenge: The Oscars Has Gone to the Dogs”

  1. What a nice little wishing me well party my friends gave for me. Just as I was leaving for the ceremony I heard one cry out “Break a leg! But if you don’t win, lift a leg!”

    The ten-minute ride to the awards seemed to take hours.

    When we finally pulled up at the theater and I stepped onto the Red Carpet, there was a deafening roar from the hundreds of screaming fans. The flashing camera lights were blinding. All that adoration seemed to be a good omen. My happy little tail never ever shook so fast. And, what a surprise! I thought I saw Rin Tin Tin, tongue hanging out a mile, with Asta and Lassie beside him. They were barking and yelping louder than the crowds behind them. My legs almost gave way as I trudged down the carpet to the entrance. It would all be over before I knew it.

    Meryl Streep was on stage with Johnny Depp. They were announcing the nominees in MY category. My back right leg began to twitch as I waited for the Academy’s decision. I thought, just in case, who should I get first?

  2. Bulbs flash and the crowds scream as my limo pulls up to the red carpeted curb.

    “Mr Pish.” The fans yell my name, hoping I will throw them a glimpse, maybe a wag of my tail in their direction.

    The plush carpeting is filled with everyone I have ever dreamt of meeting. And here I am, sharing the same crimson pathway.

    I’m star-struck. Oh look, it’s Meryl Streep! Over there, it’s John Travolta! What a thrill it is to be amongst Hollywood’s elite.

    Once inside the theatre I find my assigned seat and who should be next to me but the beautiful and talented Jennifer Lawrence. Thrill of thrills, she is actually talking to me and what’s this? She’s scratching my ear. I’m in heaven!

    As awards were announced and the night grew long, my nerves grew tight. The next category was the one I’m nominated for and as I see my face on the large screen behind the presenters I nearly faint.

    Here is it, it’s time. Who will it be? Leo, Brad or that other guy? No, No, Can it be?

    Yes! It is, it’s me!

    “And the winner is…Mr. Pish for It’s a Dog’s Life!”

    Oh my, oh my, I can’t believe it! I trot up the steps and because I’m rather small, I’m lifted to the podium to show my gratitude, only, oh no, my thank you speech. Where is it?

    “ARUMPH?” I lick the face of the beautiful lady and bark happily.

  3. Depp! Johnny Depp he finally figured. Pish would not forget during his speech the roast for the actor, ‘..should have cut him off after playing Edward Scissorhands!’ -Ha! Pish boast again.

    The limo pulled next to the famous carpet. Pish leaned out the window like a dog biting air, eager to greet fans. Entertaining quotes (certain to go viral), the world would recognize the serious actor he truly could be, ‘it’s a sobering recollection to recognize the enjoyment is actually work’ Hahaha he amused. ‘I get paid to become a character’.

    Swimming through flashes, adoration, gleaning fans gleaming faces reassured Pish he had a chance. Yet, he blanked. Acting was rehearsals, takes, being immersed in a character. Anxiety? Not Frederick Pish. His brain winced. Head flashed. Belly fluttered. Acknowledgement of his own exisence struck like lightning that knocked him unconscious 27 years ago. Pish slipped into the restroom, fearing his awkwardness becoming viral instead. Piercing intensified.

    ‘Be the great marquee glow’.

    A light in the restroom tunnel. Pish never portrayed this in the spotlight. Now his insides flushed, collasped to the cool tile.

    When the Oscar was unveiled, Mr Pish was like a silhuotte in lights. The crowd restlessly murmur searching. His story flood from the known to the unknown. Frederick only let the world see his brilliance for continuing the show.

    And when Mr Pish improvised his acceptance speech, it went instantly viral from the hospital bed…. ‘Only when hope is lost; hope is found’…it did.

  4. Mr. Pish stuck his head out the limo window enjoying the warm California breeze as his doggie bone shaped limo pulled up to the curb. The adoring crowd rushed the red carpet to see Mr. Pish in his million dollar diamond studded collar. In the limelight, the paparazzi fired one flash image after another.

    As Mr. Pish trotted down the red carpet, he was in his glory blowing doggie kisses to all his adoring fans. Once inside, he schmoozed with the other actors and tried to act humble, but he knew in his heart that this year he would win the coveted Oscar.

    He sat quietly in his chair without hearing his movie mentioned even once. Finally, the highlight of his evening was here, before him, the Best Actor nominees moment arrived. He was ready to jump off his red velvet chair and rush the podium to lick his Oscar. He was so excited he could just pee himself, but he held it in this time not like last year.

    Then he heard it announced, “And the Winner is Brad!”

    Mr. Pish collapsed on his chair into an angry fur ball all the while growling, “Brad. Brad. Brad.”

    Suddenly, Mr. Pish sprang off his chair to race up and bite Brad in the ankles just like he had done to last year’s winner, but his journey came to an abrupt end. His trainer, Milo, grabbed him by his million dollar diamond collar, “Sorry, not this year little guy.”

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