Indie Author Newsbreak 11-9-2018

indie author newsOur admin’s a little busy this week, so we’re going to do away with all the wonderful wit that normally prefaces our weekly Indie Author Newsbreak and just get right down to it for you:

Gigi wanted to know why people buy books, so she did a survey, and 355 people responded. She went into things like genre, categories, and more in her article How & Why People Buy Books: The Results of a 355-Person Survey.

Most of these tips aren’t anything our fearless leader hasn’t shared in the past, but in case you weren’t listening… here’s How A Copywriter Would Write A Better Book Description.

If you don’t sell any books, then “Also Boughts” aren’t really an issue for you. But if you do, then you may have noticed them disappearing. The ever helpful and dashing David Gaughran delves into Amazon and the Also Bought Apocalypse to explain things.

That’s all our admin has time for this week. Sorry. If you want to inspire her to be more benevolent, you may send gifts in the form of coffee and chocolate. Feel free to wrap those gifts in hundred dollar bills, if you’d like. Green is such a happy color, isn’t it? Like trees, you know? Happy, happy trees. Have a great weekend!