Doing an Author Interview on ArtistFirst Radio

Once in a while, trolling on Facebook produces something positive. I was taking a break from writing and stumbled across a post from another author friend “advertising” a call for artists and authors to do a radio show. There was a contact email, so I decided what the heck; sales have been in the dumps … Continue reading “Doing an Author Interview on ArtistFirst Radio”

The Smashwords Author Interview Feature

One of the things I love about Smashwords is their constant drive to add reader- and author-friendly features. From their recent addition of a “Daily Sales” feature to their much-publicized deal with Scribd, Smashwords is always thinking ahead and moving forward. One of the features they offer that I particularly like is the “Author Interview” … Continue reading “The Smashwords Author Interview Feature”

Seven Ideas for Better Author Interviews

I’ll blog, speak, or be interviewed by almost anyone almost anywhere. Most articles that I’ve written or interviews I’ve participated in have led to other opportunities. It’s an honor to have someone donate part of their valuable online real estate to me or my books. I don’t look at their Alexa ranking or check out … Continue reading “Seven Ideas for Better Author Interviews”

Yes, Author Interviews are Worthwhile

A few weeks ago the Evilest Mastermind of them all had a post about author interviews, questioning whether they are worthwhile. One of the things I do away from Indies Unlimited is run a site called The IndieView. For those who haven’t visited, the content consists of three main things. (Watch me subtly plug the … Continue reading “Yes, Author Interviews are Worthwhile”