The Triumphs and Headaches of a Book Launch

Some folks are superstitious, some are sentimental. I’m a little of both. If you read any of my books, you will always see I end on an even numbered chapter. It’s not superstition, just a personal quirk.

I also like to occasionally publish on relevant days- like Christmas, my birthday, and my latest attempt was 4 July. Good intentions never seem to work, especially when you are working with other companies in this venture. There are also the time zone issues- where are the company servers? Continue reading “The Triumphs and Headaches of a Book Launch”

The Science of Creating – Kathy Rowe

Author Kathy Rowe

In my former life, I was what the Air Force called a “Diagnostic Imaging Craftsman.” In other words, fancy speak for an x-ray technician. I did a little bit of everything: routine x-ray, fluoroscopy, mammography, CAT scan, and assisted in MRI. So when I see stuff that deals with imaging, I tend to take notice.

Lately, I’ve seen some pretty interesting articles on the human brain. Let’s face it, we as writers use that big blob of gray and white matter between our ears something fierce. There’s probably not a day that goes by that we don’t have some story idea or characters lurking inside. It’s just what we do and who we are. Continue reading “The Science of Creating – Kathy Rowe”

Marketing in the Middle of Nowhere by K. Rowe

Author K. Rose
Author K. Rowe

Admittedly, I live in the middle of nowhere. It’s 18 miles to the nearest town; and the county, (which boasts a population of 13,000) has only ONE traffic light, and it’s in the center of town. My closest neighbors are 200 yards away. The nearest “city” of 30,000 people is a 40 minute drive. If we need to go to the “Big City,” that’s an hour and forty minute drive. Yet, I’m an author and I sell books.

No, it’s not easy either. I also juggle a 100 acre farm, 2 dogs, 2 cats, and 3 horses; so my time is divided up amongst everything. As difficult as it is, I find the time to write, edit, blog, and promote my books. Sometimes I’m up late, other times, I’m up early. To make some sort of success, you have to make sacrifices. Am I successful? I would say for only being published just over 2 years, mildly.

For most authors, the word “market” is akin to a 4 letter word. We all hate it—me included. But we’re not part of a Big 6 publishing juggernaut that will tell the whole world about our books. No, it’s most of the time just us. So how can you market without spending a fortune? If the internet isn’t your friend, it darn well better be! Take advantage of every opportunity to put your face and your books out there. There are many platforms to use such as Goodreads, Google +, Librarything, and many more. Here’s my most-used list of FREE ways to advertise and make sales: Continue reading “Marketing in the Middle of Nowhere by K. Rowe”