Unraveling Social Media Confusion for Beginners

social media guru Sydney SchottGuest Post
by Sydney Schott

When talking about social media, I think most people are unsure as to what they’re supposed to be doing. Sure we know the basics, but what about the finer details? We all want to learn the secrets to actually being successful in this area of promotion, don’t we? It can be a struggle to stand out from the ever-growing crowd using social media programs, but learning how to use them can increase your fan base — and mailing list — significantly. Right now, I’m just going to cover the basics. Continue reading “Unraveling Social Media Confusion for Beginners”

Basic Marketing for New Authors: Social Media

Marketing 101 for authorsLast week, we covered some of the entry-level marketing tools new authors will need. You will need some of those items (your author photo, bio, and website links) in order to move forward with the social media basics we’re about to explore.

There are hundreds of social media sites out there, and like any marketing strategy, you need to choose the one that is right for you. So, below you will find the bare basics which I recommend you consider. Continue reading “Basic Marketing for New Authors: Social Media”

Is AuthorsDen Worth It?

Authors Den LogoAuthorsDen was one of the first places I joined after publishing my first book several years ago. Back then, my publisher encouraged all of us to actively join any relevant (and not so relevant) social networking sites we could find, and AuthorsDen was not only free, but also easy to join.

Like many of the sites I joined back then, AuthorsDen fell by the wayside as I found new and different ways to market. About a month ago I began receiving emails from them inviting me to upgrade my membership in order to gain access to more services and marketing tools. I decided to take a look. Continue reading “Is AuthorsDen Worth It?”

Is Instagram Effective for Writers?

surfing and husky photoAs a writer, you no doubt spend a lot of your time shut away behind closed doors, typing furiously. Life is lonely and you may only break the isolation to visit the fridge or hang about at the virtual water cooler of social media. However, social media isn’t a respite from writing, it involves more writing and is a notorious time suck.

I recently discovered a better way to take a break and still check in with online friends. It’s one of the easiest platforms to add to your social media — it’s fast, and it integrates easily into other profiles like Twitter and Facebook, so you can share your photos across all your social media accounts. I joined Instagram. Continue reading “Is Instagram Effective for Writers?”