Sneak Peek: Nancy Naigle’s Sweet Tea and Secrets

Sweet Tea and SecretsToday, we get a sneak peek of author Nancy Naigle’s suspense novel, Sweet Tea and Secrets:

Adams Grove is mourning the loss of Pearl Clemmons, known for her award-winning Chocolate Pecan Pie and the best unsolicited advice in the county. When Jill returns to settle her grandmother’s estate, she’s greeted by a Clydesdale-sized guardian dog who doesn’t seem to be earning his stripes (although he drools on them pretty well), and Garrett Malloy, the ex-fiancé she left behind a year ago. Jill insists on staying at Pearl’s amidst a string of break-ins that have sleepy Adams Grove wide awake and locking its doors. Jill’s past with Garrett becomes the least of her worries when she learns that their lives are in danger. She is the only person standing between a desperate conman and a secret from Pearl’s past. Will Pearl’s past kill any chance of Jill and Garrett’s future together? Continue reading “Sneak Peek: Nancy Naigle’s Sweet Tea and Secrets”

Indies Unlimited Welcomes M. Edward McNally to the Team!

Ed McNally

Indies Unlimited has acquired McNally Global in a hostile takeover bid. I am pleased to announce that my long time arch-nemesis and respected colleague Michael Edward “Ed” McNally will be joining Indies Unlimited as a contributing author. Ed will bring the kind of gravitas and intellectual firepower needed to class up this joint. I don’t care where he gets it, as long as he brings it.

Ed is a quick wit, a skilled writer and an all-around good guy. You’ll be seeing his posts here on a weekly basis.

In addition, Ed is a good friend and the author of The Norothian Cycle, an epic fantasy series.  I read the first of these, The Sable City. I was extremely impressed with McNally’s writing and imagination. I highly recommend it.

Please join Kat, JD, Cathy and me in welcoming Ed McNally to Indies Unlimited!


How to promote your work…

I wrote this as a post on Linkedin a few weeks back.  I keep getting emails about it from indie writers (indie writers disguised as people who want to sell me viagra). I thought that I would share it here.  Plus, I am sick as a dog’s butt and don’t want to write anything new.  Anyway, if you want to sell tons of books, talk to someone else.  If you want to sell as many as I do, listen to me! Continue reading “How to promote your work…”

The Healed Writer: Impervious to Praise by Alix Moore

Author Alix Moore

Writing Heals

Writing, like other forms of creation, is a vehicle for learning our life lessons. As writers, we must find the courage to speak our own idiosyncratic truths, and learn to stand in the limelight and be seen by others without flinching or trying to hide. If we are good writers, we are tempted to stand in ego, but ego is just puffery on a foundation of insecurity, and one bad review is enough to send us crashing down into discouragement.  One of the biggest gifts writing offers us is the chance to become convinced of the value of our work. Writing invites us to learn to love ourselves, to become so solid in our self-love that no one else’s opinion of us matters.

In the beginning, of course, those opinions do matter.  We show our words to our teachers, often when we are quite young, and we are lifted or dropped depending upon the response we get from them. As we age, our writing expands but so too may our insecurity about it.  Know any writers whose books end up in the desk drawer, attracting mice?  Know any writers whose books end up unwritten, bouncing off the insides of their heads? Continue reading “The Healed Writer: Impervious to Praise by Alix Moore”