L. A. Tripp’s Musings on Making a Video Book Trailer

Author L.A. Tripp

“I’m gonna make a book trailer that’s ten minutes long,” I said, feeling so much pride.

Stephen just cut his eyes sideways and studied me a long minute. At least it seemed like a long minute. Probably only about 10 seconds or so.

“Jack, I know you want to put the entire book into the trailer, but that’s just not a good idea,” Stephen said.

“No, no. There’s no way I could possibly fit the whole book into a ten minute trailer. I mean, I’d have images just flashing before their eyes,” I said, feeling good about my rebuttal.

“Uh, yeah. That’s the idea,” Stephen said.

I pondered Stephen’s insightful answer for just a second. “Do you mean the idea is the ten minutes or the flashing images?” Continue reading “L. A. Tripp’s Musings on Making a Video Book Trailer”

Meet the Author: Patricia Florio

Author Patricia Florio
Author Patricia Florio

Patricia Florio has worn many hats.  This New York City native has been a federal court reporter, newspaper freelancer, and now a travel writer and published author.  But she attributes her desire to write from growing up in a large, Italian family which sat around the dinner table sharing stories.  “I believe I’m a natural storyteller,” Patricia says.  “I write in a conversational way that anyone can read without going to the dictionary every paragraph.”

Her childhood isn’t the only thing that inspires her, though.  “Music moves me.  Different kinds of music from Tony Bennett to Dave Matthews; words of songs push me to the computer to start writing where I left off the day before.”  Music is always a good thing to keep someone company.  She says that her biggest challenge being a writer is all the hours spent in isolation. Staying in touch via social networking is one way she deals with it, and like most of us, she has to be careful to limit her time spent socializing. Continue reading “Meet the Author: Patricia Florio”

Indies Unlimited Welcomes JD Mader

Author JD Mader

My evil plans to take over the world are proceeding apace. I am pleased to announce that the venerable JD Mader will be joining Indies Unlimited as a Contributing Author. JD will be strutting his literary stuff here at least a couple of times a week, or I will feed him to Kat—and not all at once.

JD is a good friend and the author of Joe Café, and has written a couple of very well-received guest posts for me here. His style ranges from deep and soulful to side-splittingly funny and I know you will enjoy his work. If not, the procedures for submitting letters of complaint can be found here.

Please join me in welcoming JD Mader to the Indies Unlimited crew!

Within and without by Rosanne Dingli

Author Rosanne Dingli

When an author decides to start writing a book, the different sides of the project – like the sides of a cube – present themselves. Just like a cube, the new project does not reveal all planes in one viewing. There is always a hidden side – or a difficult aspect for an author to address.

It is possible to give the six sides of the cube different facet names associated with writing a novel: story, plot, structure, characters, locations … and the all-important premise. They all present challenges to the author. The last more than the others. Hm – can an author afford to address the premise last? Turning the cube so that premise is always on the blind side might be possible when scribbling out a plot outline, or sketching out the various characters. Continue reading “Within and without by Rosanne Dingli”