Dick Waters Joins Indies Unlimited Staff!

We are pleased to announce that author Dick Waters will be joining the staff of Indies Unlimited as a contributor.

Dick Waters is the author of the Scott Tucker mystery/thriller series. He is a member of Arizona Authors, Desert Sleuth Mystery Writers and Sisters in Crime. He is also a juggernaut in the weekly Indies Unlimited Flash Fiction writing competitions.

Learn more about Dick from his Amazon author page.

Dick is one of the good guys in the indie community. He’s always willing to extend a helping hand and offer a word of encouragement. Please join us in extending a warm Indies Unlimited welcome to Dick Waters.

Ed’s Casual Friday: Happy Trails 2012

Well, turns out the world didn’t end (thanks for nothing, Mayan King Yik’in Chan K’awiil) so it looks like we’ll all be embarking on another year of Indie World. And since last year was my first of writing this weekly column (episode one, 12/30/11), I guess this year I should at least acknowledge the new one.

Many traditions come along with the changing of a calendar date, including spending the next month or three swearing quietly as you continue to write the wrong digit at the end of checks. Also popular are the “Year in Review” sort of things every news broadcast, blogger, and columnist feels the need to uncork along with the bubbly. I myself am more of a “Don’t look back, as something might be gaining on you” type of guy, so I won’t be doing that. 😉 Continue reading “Ed’s Casual Friday: Happy Trails 2012”

Top d20 Signs You May Be An Epic Fantasy Writer

While I usually try to keep Ed’s Casual Friday to topics that might be of general interest to writers / readers of all kinds, today I admit I am staying in my wheelhouse. What follows is a list relating mostly to writers of Epic Fantasy, though some items will fit any sort of writer with a couple different words substituted. Others are probably unique to the species. Also, if you at any time sense an implication that I am saying you MUST have been (or still be) a Dungeons & Dragons nerd to write Epic Fantasy, I am really not saying that. Though I will say that it helps. 😉 Continue reading “Top d20 Signs You May Be An Epic Fantasy Writer”

“I’ve been resting for this testing, digesting every word the Ancients say…”

That title is from a really, really old Genesis song (Counting Out Time, 1974), and it came to mind only because of the word “digesting.” Because really, if you’re not going to engage in some Black Friday madness, how better to spend the day after Thanksgiving than by letting your innards assimilate those pounds of poultry you consumed yesterday, while you lie around the house? In other words, I’m going to guess not an awful lot of people are going to read this column today, unless you just happen to be feeling too bloated to head down to Best Buy to watch some Mortal Consumer Kombat. 😉 Continue reading ““I’ve been resting for this testing, digesting every word the Ancients say…””