Sneak Peek: Carrie James Haynes’ Daughter of Deceit

Daughter of DeceitToday we have a sneak peek of Carrie James Haynes’ book, Daughter of Deceit:

For years no one has questioned that Alyce’s father was England’s worst traitor…a spy for the Americans during the American Revolution…selling English guns and gun powder for his own gain. Caught in the web around him, he took his own life. There is only one problem. Alyce doesn’t believe her beloved father was the man the world believes him to have been and she will stop at nothing to prove his innocence. Then strange things begin to happen. Voices call to her…warning her…for now someone wants her dead.

Lord Julian Casvelyn has mourned his brother’s death, murdered by England’s most hated man, but one eventful night has changed everything Lord Julian believed about his brother’s death. Never did he suspect the woman he has just saved from certain death is the daughter of that man. Julian is caught in midst of a conspiracy and desire for a woman where he soon discovers he might well want all to remain secret.

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Sneak Peek: Barbara Gaskell Denvil’s Fair Weather

Today we have a sneak peek of Barbara Gaskell Denvil’s novel, Fair Weather: 

Fair WeatherEver since childhood, Molly has been haunted. The place of her involuntary visions is dark and its people are troubled by hunger and poverty. This is the distant past – England of a thousand years ago, medieval shadows during the reign of King John.

But it is murder within her own modern life which changes everything. Molly is drawn into the police investigation, and pulled between past and present, each now as disturbing as the other, she becomes confused. Her personality splits.

Then an identical murder in the distant haunted past of her dreams joins the two worlds in equal danger. Molly passes between. Now she travels time but is followed by some horror which kills and mutilates at will. She has opened the door to evil and the man, his voice the rustle of dead leaves, is always there. Yet Molly discovers far more than fear and misery. She discovers a whole new life, and a love she could never have imagined. Now she no longer wants to return – but she must.

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Sneak Peek: Linton Robinson’s My Funny Valentine

Funny ValentineToday we have a sneak peek of Linton Robinson’s book, My Funny Valentine: America’s Most Hilarious Writers Take On Love, Romance, and Other Complications.

They say, “To learn to love, learn to laugh.” Either way, you’ll find the love of laughter, or at least some good laughs about Love, in this book. Valentine’s Day get treated by some of the funniest writers in America: the people who win humor contests, syndicate columns, appear on comedy stages, create the jokes on TV. An invitation to laugh at the joke that makes the world go around. 

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Sneak Peek: Martin Crosbie’s My Temporary Life

Today we get a sneak peek of author Martin Crosbie’s novel, My Temporary Life:

My Temporary LifeMalcolm Stewart’s strength was forged during harsh childhood days—ugly days when he faced down schoolyard bullies and endured the neglect of a promiscuous mother. It is a strength that he has wielded to defend himself and his friends.

Yet those years and traumas have taken their toll. Somewhere along the way, Malcolm Stewart lost his love of life.

That changes the day when beautiful, tempestuous Heather enters his world. He feels the stirrings of something long dormant. And when he learns of Heather’s own abusive childhood—and the daughter that she was forced to leave behind—Malcolm knows one thing:  he must help Heather get her little girl back.

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