How to Increase Facebook Visibility

file3371281797656Those of you who have Facebook pages or read Jim Devitt’s posts probably know that the social media giant is showing a ridiculously small percentage of your fan page posts to your readers, and that this percentage has been dropping lately. Right now, going by an average of my last few posts, I’m reaching about 4% of my fans. Which is pretty sucky. Continue reading “How to Increase Facebook Visibility”

Facebook Changes: Is it Even Worth it Anymore?

Facebook is changing againAt some point, we’ll probably give up on this stuff, but until then, here are the latest changes with Facebook that you might want to know about.

For an author, Facebook is about building relationships and visibility. Facebook groups are great for that, but many times, we want to reach out beyond a closed group. That’s where it gets tough. Continue reading “Facebook Changes: Is it Even Worth it Anymore?”