How to Increase Facebook Visibility

file3371281797656Those of you who have Facebook pages or read Jim Devitt’s posts probably know that the social media giant is showing a ridiculously small percentage of your fan page posts to your readers, and that this percentage has been dropping lately. Right now, going by an average of my last few posts, I’m reaching about 4% of my fans. Which is pretty sucky. Continue reading “How to Increase Facebook Visibility”

The Secret World of EdgeRank (and you thought Amazon was bad?)

Facebook is the primary social domain of most writers and readers. While Goodreads may be more specific, no one can come close to the 1 Billion people on Facebook. However, we struggle with standing out in that huge crowd. Last week, I posted a few tips on what to do to get your posts in front of more eyeballs and you can find that post here.

Apparently, this struck a chord. A couple of the Indies Unlimited stars decided to try out a few of the tricks, and I’ll tell you about that in a minute. First, let me give you a little more background on how Facebook works. Continue reading “The Secret World of EdgeRank (and you thought Amazon was bad?)”