One-star Reviews of the Hundred Greatest Novels: 100-76

In my ongoing attempt to come up with something to say here every Friday, I am returning to a tried-and-true formula with which I believe I can squeeze out one solid month of columns. Yay, me. 😉

The formula is of course: One star reviews of classic literature. To that end, I will be working off the list found in The Novel 100: A Ranking of Greatest Novels All Time (2004), written by Daniel S. Burt. Continue reading “One-star Reviews of the Hundred Greatest Novels: 100-76”

Bad review? Good for you!

Getting a bad review can be hard, even debilitating – so, I’ve heard. I make it a practice to avoid them. I have been lucky in this regard. My outstanding abilities as a writer, nay – human being preclude nay-sayers from having their nay-say. In all seriousness, I don’t get bad reviews. But I try to attempt to maintain some form of humility (excuse me – the bikini girls are acting up again…so hard to find good help, non?) So, let’s assume I get bad reviews and have to deal with them as opposed to having my man servant deal with them – which is what I would do if I did…get bad reviews that is.

Continue reading “Bad review? Good for you!”

A negative review hits like a bullet straight to the heart by Linda Rae Blair

Author Linda Rae Blair
Author Linda Rae Blair

One moment you are a self-confident author and the next you are a shaky, weepy blob of human being with your confidence smashed and a lump in your throat the size of your fist. Then your defenses kick in. Your brain child has been insulted for absolutely NO good reason. Some sadistic person has targeted your work unfairly, and you cannot understand how anyone can be so downright mean! Now you’re getting angry.

Okay, it’s time for a reality check here.

What does a negative review tell you, anyway? Really!?

Read it again…does it really say what your brain registered the first time around? Perhaps not. Perhaps the reader is saying more about him/herself than about your writing. Example: The reader complains that something was wrong with the formatting that made it difficult for him/her to “work” his/her way through the book. Rather than take the time to get through it, he/she gave up and gave you a 1-star hit. Continue reading “A negative review hits like a bullet straight to the heart by Linda Rae Blair”

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