Amazon: Unequal Treatment for Trads and Indies?

amazon messes with indies water-glass-2542790_960_720Let’s say there’s an indie author who has a couple of books under her belt. And she’s chatting on, oh, I dunno, Goodreads, and she says something that rubs some people the wrong way, and some guys get really, really steamed at her. So they get together with their friends and stage an attack on the author on Amazon, leaving her books a raft of one-star reviews. A number of those reviews attack the author and not the book.

Our author, who has put in a lot of hours learning her craft and whose books enjoyed ratings nearing five stars, suddenly sees that her ratings have dropped into the three-star range. Panicked and upset, she combs through the new reviews, and despite her pain and revulsion, she realizes where all these new, bad reviews came from. She appeals to Amazon, Continue reading “Amazon: Unequal Treatment for Trads and Indies?”

Burgers & Books, 1-Star Reviews & Other Peculiar Author Marketing Ideas

ideas for authors bulb-40701_960_720Are you tired of hearing the same people tell you the same things about what you need to do to publish your books and connect with readers? Me too. Recently I walked the periphery of Indie Land and spoke to some of the authors on the outside. You know – the ones who sell more than a modest amount of books and cross the line from time to time. The ones who know that all the information we receive about professionalism and product and content are common sense. The ones who will threaten to smack you if you suggest one more time that it all starts by writing a book that readers want to read. We know that already. Here’s some wisdom those fringers have asked me to pass along to you. Continue reading “Burgers & Books, 1-Star Reviews & Other Peculiar Author Marketing Ideas”

The Heartbreak of IAMHS

operators are standing byHello, friends. I’d like to talk to you today about an epidemic that is sweeping through our community. It’s called Indie Author Multiple Hat Syndrome (IAMHS).

The symptoms of this affliction include night sweats, bouts of rage, feelings of inadequacy, and an overwhelming desire to dump the whole project in the trash. The malady bears some similarity to multiple personality disorder, except that in cases of IAMHS, the discrete personalities come in four standard types.

We turn now to a case study for a more in-depth look at IAMHS. The subject of our case study is…yours truly. Continue reading “The Heartbreak of IAMHS”

One-Star Reviews of the Hundred Greatest Novels, #25 to #1

And so, it ends. Maybe with a whimper, maybe with a bang, maybe with a whoopy cushion. This week concludes our perusal of Daniel S. Burt’s list from The Novel 100: A Ranking of the Greatest Novels of All Time, with one-star accompaniment by 100 helpful readers, who really, really hated all of these books. Continue reading “One-Star Reviews of the Hundred Greatest Novels, #25 to #1”