Jim Devitt Reporting … uh, posting

Check … check. Testing, one two three testing. Hey, is this mic on? Whoops, sorry for the feedback. Hi all. My name is Jim and I’m not sure how I got here. I was minding my own business, playing around with my blog, when out of nowhere this Stephen Hise character asks me to guest blog on this thing called Indies Unlimited. How did he find me? I mean, aren’t we all going through the Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn thing because we have to? Were we really supposed to garner attention with all that? So, that leads us to where we are today. Now, I’m a bona fide minion in the Indies Unlimited family. First thing that comes to mind, “I’m not worthy.” *On knees , hands out front, repeatedly genuflecting a la Wayne’s World*

So now, I’m supposed to give you a brief rundown of who you’re stuck with every Saturday. Continue reading “Jim Devitt Reporting … uh, posting”

Marketing by Indie Authors: A Blogger’s Opinions by Ritesh Kala

Blogger/Reviewer Ritesh Kala
Blogger/Reviewer Ritesh Kala

I started blogging recently and posting my book reviews online. I have come in contact with lots of authors through a number of online websites and social networks. Through these interactions, I have seen authors trying everything they can to promote their books. While some of these things have appealed to me as a blogger as well as a reader, others have fallen short of really grabbing my attention, and there are still others which have left me seething in anger. The following is a list of what I find most successful to get my attention from my perspective. Continue reading “Marketing by Indie Authors: A Blogger’s Opinions by Ritesh Kala”

Spam Deluxe – with Cheese

To end this year properly and start the new one right, we at Indies Unlimited wanted to break out the Dom Perignon and the Beluga caviar. Unfortunately, due to our budgetary constraints, we will instead be having  a box of Ripple and a can of Spam.

So, grab a red Solo cup, a paper plate, and help yourself to some of my favorite spam comments from the past few months, links deleted, of course. Remember, here at Indies Unlimited, we are sanitized for your protection. Continue reading “Spam Deluxe – with Cheese”

How Did This Happen??

I’m not sure when it started.  There was what seemed to be a simple, innocent message on Facebook:  a “hi, I don’t know you, but I just read your blog and you seem very professional.  Would you like to write a guest post for my blog?”  I was flattered.  I didn’t know this Stephen Hise person, but obviously he had good taste.  He wanted to know about my experience as an Indie Author.  I certainly had a lot of that.  And my journey was probably one of the oddest I can recall.  I’m not in the habit of writing guest posts.  I’m lazy.  Lazy as hell in fact.  I’m a driven lunatic with one goal in mind:  write books.  I turned out 4 in 2011, and I’m shooting for 5 in 2012.  2013 is going to be a bye.  In any case, I obliged.  You can read my guest post here.

Then, the next email came.  “Want to do an interview?” he asked.  I may be a single-sighted lunatic, but I’m not stupid.  Any time I get an opportunity for free exposure, I take it.  Interviews are usually easy, and sometimes I learn things about myself.  And, to top it off, Steve’s interviews are then posted in feature article format.  As we’d say back in Boston “that’s the ballz.”  So I agreed.  (You can read that story here.) Continue reading “How Did This Happen??”