Self-Publishers May Want to Try For Library of Congress Cataloging

Library of CongressYou’re a self-published author, and someone has suggested you get yourself an LCCN. You’ve never heard of an LCCN and are wondering if maybe you need to find out more. Well, this is your stop. We’re talking LCCNs today.

First off, what are they? LCCN stands for Library of Congress Control Number. It’s a unique identifier issued by the Library of Congress (LOC) to books that get included in their collection. Some people desire this number because librarians across the nation and the world tend to catalog their books using the LCCN number. There is only one LCCN per book, whereas each edition of a book requires a new ISBN (eBook, paperback, hardback, special editions), and will likely have multiple ISBNs.

If it sounds appealing, how do you get one? Continue reading “Self-Publishers May Want to Try For Library of Congress Cataloging”

Tutorial Tuesday: Get Your Books on Shelfari

Shelfari LogoOh no, another book site? you groan. Yes, Mabel, another book site. This one’s powered by, the world’s largest book store. Do you think it might be a good idea to get your books on there? I do.

Sure, you can take the time and set up your reading lists like on Goodreads, but you don’t have to.

First off, “register” or set up your account at And just to make it easier for you, they’ll offer to use your login information. Pretty convenient. Then create your profile. They’ll ask you if you want to find people to follow – you can just click skip at the bottom left-hand side of the page. Continue reading “Tutorial Tuesday: Get Your Books on Shelfari”