IndieListers: The Promotion Results Database You’ve Been Looking For

Author Jason B. Ladd of IndieListerGuest post
by Jason B. Ladd

“How am I supposed to know which book promotion services are effective?”

That was the question I asked while planning my second book promotion, and it was the genesis of

IndieListers has become the web’s largest free database of book promotion results to help authors find and pick effective promos. I’ll explain more below. But first, some backstory. Continue reading “IndieListers: The Promotion Results Database You’ve Been Looking For”

Book Promo Sites: How long do they work?

promo sites gone bad Kombucha_mold_2
Have promo sites lost their freshness?

As the IU minions sat around the gruel pot and discussed various promo sites, a trend seemed to present itself: almost everyone has seen a reduction in the effectiveness of these sites in the past year.  Because of that, I’ve decided to be a little more open than I usually am regarding book sales and advertisements. This isn’t a humble brag, like people who drop into discussion boards and say, “Gee, my book has been out for two days already and I’ve only sold 325,957 copies. Am I doing okay?” Don’t you just want to throw something? On the flip side, it’s also not a whine or a whinge.

Instead, it’s a look at the effectiveness of various ad sites over time in my experience. The scant numbers I put forth here are scientifically negligible, but I do wonder if others see it, too. Continue reading “Book Promo Sites: How long do they work?”

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