Dear person who wants to publish a book…

writer laptop-2562325_640 courtesy of pixabayIf you’re like me, you have different groups of friends, both in real life and on Facebook. I have my bookish friends (that’s you guys), my music friends (music fans, music writers, and a few actual musicians), my poker buddies, family, and the list goes on and on. As a rule, these groups don’t intersect very often, and odds are that people in group A don’t even realize that you’re involved in subject B. Twice lately I’ve seen someone from a group other than my bookish friends talking about a book they’re writing or hoping to see published, and my immediate thought is, “I wonder if they know …” After writing a couple of emails that were way too long, I realized it would be great if I could just send them a link saying “read this.” Even better, those IU readers who don’t think my take is too far out there can do the same.

Dear <friend, acquaintance, or random person I saw on the internet>, Continue reading “Dear person who wants to publish a book…”

From the Mail Room: What Do I Do with My Book?

mail-room-author-emails-office-899351_960_720A reader sent in this question:

I have a couple questions on how to start my book. I don’t know if it’s long enough or good enough for it to be published. I need a little insight from someone with experience. I sent my manuscript to page publishing but my grandma thought it was a scam because she said when you normally start off writing as a beginner they give you money to help start is that true? I need help!

First of all, we love your grandmother. She’s not exactly on course, but our own Fearless Leader always says: “When it comes to publishing, if you have to pay, run away.” As for the advice you seek, here’s the answer from our K. Rowe: Continue reading “From the Mail Room: What Do I Do with My Book?”

An Author’s Expectations: A Real Christmas Story by Deborah L. Parker

Author Deborah L. Parker
Author Deborah L. Parker

Twas the night before my book came out “published”, and all through my network’s computers not a click was heard, yet even the send noise “swished.”

Like many I waited with anticipation that 19th day in which my POD publisher informed me my book was now “LIVE” to buy on the internet at as well as on my personal link. This was my Christmas in July 2011, with great gifts to be had.

How could I best get the word out about this wonderful news, a miracle in my life? “Oh I don’t want to overload the ordering system,” I mused, so I did a phased email alert to my network of family, friends and organizational connections. Pulling up my group lists, emails went out at 9p.m., then 5a.m., then 1p.m… After all they knew of this forthcoming achievement since I’d sent out pictures of my book’s cover and articles to review, asking for their feedback. Checking the sites for clicks and dollars, I waited and waited. As online sales trickled in, I thought that residual purchases would soon show up as this trusted network of mine spread the word to their networks. Not! Disappointed, I thought back to those days of my youth and wondered why Santa had not come through. Continue reading “An Author’s Expectations: A Real Christmas Story by Deborah L. Parker”