Self-Publishing Shouldn’t be Miserable

miserable depressed author despair-513529_1280Over the past few weeks, I’ve stumbled across a handful of blog posts where self-published authors lament how awful self-publishing is and say they’re giving up. I’ve also seen a few posts (perhaps in response) reminding people that self-publishing is a long journey, that it takes time, and that they shouldn’t give up before they get to the Promised Land.

While I’m personally inclined to take the latter view, I understand that people who’ve taken the former view — that quitting is best for them — may be making a good decision. Life is short. So, if self-publishing is making you completely miserable, if it’s making you dread writing, if  it makes you hate looking at your sales dashboard, if it is stressing you to ulcer level, then for real, give it up. Life is too short to do optional things that make suck away your happiness. Misery is insidious in the way it infects your life, going so far as to make you physically ill. Get rid of misery. Continue reading “Self-Publishing Shouldn’t be Miserable”

Being Merely a Reader

Conventional wisdom says that as soon as you publish one book you should write the next. The point of this advice is understandable: don’t obsess about who’s buying your work, don’t rest on your laurels, build your backlog, be professional and proliferative. To tell you the truth, though, the idea of diving into another novel right now makes me want to cry. I’m exhausted. I imagine it’s like being in a delivery room after a natural childbirth while the goo is still being sucked from the nose of your newborn and before the endorphins have kicked in, hearing your husband say, “Let’s have another one. Or two. Or ten.” People have been murdered for less.

I don’t really want to commit a capital crime, so I’ve decided to ignore conventional wisdom for a while and shut off the stories in my head to go back to something I used to love: reading. For pleasure. Switching off the computer and all of the lights and curling up to spend half the night turning the pages to find out what happens or just to be wrapped in the atmosphere of the words. Continue reading “Being Merely a Reader”

An Author’s Expectations: A Real Christmas Story by Deborah L. Parker

Author Deborah L. Parker
Author Deborah L. Parker

Twas the night before my book came out “published”, and all through my network’s computers not a click was heard, yet even the send noise “swished.”

Like many I waited with anticipation that 19th day in which my POD publisher informed me my book was now “LIVE” to buy on the internet at as well as on my personal link. This was my Christmas in July 2011, with great gifts to be had.

How could I best get the word out about this wonderful news, a miracle in my life? “Oh I don’t want to overload the ordering system,” I mused, so I did a phased email alert to my network of family, friends and organizational connections. Pulling up my group lists, emails went out at 9p.m., then 5a.m., then 1p.m… After all they knew of this forthcoming achievement since I’d sent out pictures of my book’s cover and articles to review, asking for their feedback. Checking the sites for clicks and dollars, I waited and waited. As online sales trickled in, I thought that residual purchases would soon show up as this trusted network of mine spread the word to their networks. Not! Disappointed, I thought back to those days of my youth and wondered why Santa had not come through. Continue reading “An Author’s Expectations: A Real Christmas Story by Deborah L. Parker”