Author Promos on the Cheap (or even better — FREE!)

dar's adventures in space comic
Photo courtesy of Comics and Games in London, KY (click to enlarge)

Face it, most Indie authors are strapped for cash. We can’t always afford to put out hundreds to thousands of dollars for promotions. We need quick, easy, and preferably FREE. So here’s one way I managed to sell a few books, had a fun time, made a few contacts, and became a more accessible part of the local community.

I don’t have any comic books, but I’m in the process of working with an illustrator to create one. (see: IU post) But that didn’t stop me from going to a local comic book store and inquiring if they had any upcoming events where I could set up a table and sell books. The owner was very cool — especially when I told him I was working on a comic, and said there was going to be National Free Comic Book Day in May (May 7th it was). The store was going to be hosting an event that ran from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. and I could set up and try to create interest in my books. Yes! Continue reading “Author Promos on the Cheap (or even better — FREE!)”

Book Signing Basics Part Two

Sample Book Signing Poster
Sample Book Signing Poster

An author in one of the writers’ groups in which I participate posted that she had a book signing at a store and no one showed up. She was very disappointed, and I can understand that. Who wouldn’t be? But she, and you, need to realize that this kind of thing happens all the time – it’s completely common for writers who have yet to become a household name.

At my first book signing, I expected to have a line – albeit small – because there had been so much press leading up to it – people had to be curious, right? Wrong. A few people did show up, and I did sell a few books – but there was NEVER a line. I directed a lot of people to the Harry Potter books and the food court, as I mentioned in my previous post. (Book Signing Basics Part One) Continue reading “Book Signing Basics Part Two”

Book Signing Basics Part One

Lust for Danger at B. DaltonA first time author asked about book signings. Here is my input/advice:

Honestly? Book signings are a pain in the ass. That’s only because they’re a lot of work and preparation for a usually small return on investment. They are a necessity, nonetheless.

Don’t be discouraged if only a couple of people show up and you don’t sell any books. That’s normal for a first book. And to add insult to injury, the most commonly asked questions (depending on if you’re in a mall or stand-alone book store) will be A) where are the Harry Potter books? and B) where is the restroom or food court. Be prepared for that and DO NOT take it personally. It’s no reflection on you whatsoever. It takes time to build a following where people will actually want to be where you are… Continue reading “Book Signing Basics Part One”