How to Come Up with a Great Book Title

ereader-best-titleLife just isn’t fair. It’s hard enough to write a book, but then you have to come up with a title for it, too.

Not long ago, as we minions reclined around the gruel pot, we got into a discussion about how we come up with titles for our books. (We were asked for our input for an article about story title secrets at, which started this conversation.) As it turns out, we use a range of techniques, from market research to gut feelings to serendipity. Continue reading “How to Come Up with a Great Book Title”

Working Title

Book titles are funny things. For some writers, a title presents itself before the first word gets typed into their word-makers. Some pop up along the way. I’ve been lucky, I guess. For nearly all of my projects, the title has always been there. Dependable as the adult diapers of approximately the same name. Not that I would know anything about that, of course. Continue reading “Working Title”

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