Does Your Story Have Umami?

Taste Magazine UmamiAs a result of the heavy response to my post last month I contacted Goodreads. I sent them both the Indies Unlimited post and a formal request to add a coupon option to their giveaway contests. I received a response, friendly and professional, that GR is always looking to improve their programs. They thanked me for my e-mail, but did not commit to adding a coupon at this point. Since we have their attention, I encourage all IU readers who agree with my post to send an e-mail to Goodreads management in support of this marketing request. Let’s keep the ball rolling and achieve our objective—increased visibility and sales following a Goodreads Giveaway. And now, as I often do, I am about to make a sharp right turn.

This month’s post is about a subject that has been rolling around in my head for weeks. Do you know what umami is? I’ll bet it’s not what you think. Umami has nothing to do with beta readers or proper formatting. It is not a protective spell you chant to shield yourself from the latest publishing scam. It is not the name of a cutting-edge fashion designer from Japan. And whether or not you realize it, your story has a flavor profile that may or may not include umami. Continue reading “Does Your Story Have Umami?”

Video Trailer: Back to the Table with My Country Kitchen

My Country Kitchen is all about the home kitchens from across the world. Families are no longer able to cook gourmet meals due to time constraints, instead they are trying to get a home cooked meal on the table for their family fast. Families are now focusing on simple down-home cooking that adds simple meals and lots of love to make dinner time a special time for the family without wasting precious moments preparing the meals. Back to the Table with My Country Kitchen will be your go to cookbook for those week-day meals.

Back to the Table with My Country Kitchen
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