Holiday Bleg

Yes, this really is a fruit. It’s called Buddha’s hand citron. What, you think we make this stuff up?

As we near the end of another year we find ourselves in the throes of the holiday season. Of course, everyone has a lot to do to prepare. After all, dear old Aunt Trudy couldn’t possibly find one of those precious porcelain pigs with her dubious internet skills.

Soon you’ll be either traveling or preparing to receive guests. That means moving all the boxes of stuff you meant to take to Goodwill someday from the guest room to the garage. Or it could mean buying new luggage because your old luggage is somewhere behind a mountain of boxes of stuff you meant to take to Goodwill someday.

And what about those holiday recipes you’ve been meaning to try out? Yes, you’ll need some kind of butter they don’t sell at a regular grocery store and several fruits with unpronounceable names that look like  parasites that might fall off an alien.

This all happens in company with your regular work and household chores. You still have to fill your space in the cubicle farm as well as milk the chickens and slop the kids.

It can all be overwhelming. We understand everyone is a little preoccupied right now. It’s easy to forget about your good old buddies here at Indies Unlimited. You know, the site you go to for FREE helpful tips, publishing and marketing insights, nifty tutorials, honing your flash-fiction chops, and to post your free or discount books for others to see?

If you have found our site useful – if we’ve brought you a laugh or an idea or a useful tidbit – we’d appreciate it if you’d think about chucking a couple of bucks in the old PayPal tip jar over in the right sidebar. Easy-peasy. No browsing through pages of content to find the one porcelain pig we don’t have. No cleaning out the guest room.

Thanks in advance. We now return you to your regular programming. Happy holidays to everyone.

Indies Unlimited Inspires and Moves Writers Forward

Happy authors at indies unlimited approval-15914_960_720For all of us who blog, I am guessing it’s a common experience. We write a new blog post, we upload it and wait, however patiently or impatiently, for reactions or comments. And we get… nothing.


At Indies Unlimited, we always get comments, sometimes tons of them, and many readers talk about using the information we’ve supplied, but do they? It’s not always easy to know if what we’ve made available has been truly helpful, and/or if that person has applied the information and/or gotten any results from it. For those of us who are paying it forward, we LOVE hearing about your successes. For those of us who have blazed the trail, we LOVE hearing that others were able to follow our path and get where they wanted to go. It’s a phenomenal feeling to know that we have helped someone reach their dream and do what they never thought they could do. After all, we’ve been there. Continue reading “Indies Unlimited Inspires and Moves Writers Forward”

Free Author and Book Promotions on Indies Unlimited

book promotion at Indies Unlimited bargain-484372_960_720Indies Unlimited is one of the only (if not THE only) place where indie authors can promote themselves and their books for free. That’s really the heart and soul of IU; helping each other without trying to make money off our friends and colleagues. And the really good news is that there are lots of ways to take advantage of these opportunities. We’re going to break those down for you here. Continue reading “Free Author and Book Promotions on Indies Unlimited”

Gordon Long Joins the Staff of Indies Unlimited

Author Gordon LongWe are pleased to announce that Gordon Long has joined the staff of Indies Unlimited as a contributing author.

Gordon is the author of a number of titles including a drama textbook, one social commentary – Why Are People So Stupid?, and some alternate reality/fantasy books. We here at IU knew Gordon’s snarky side ran deep when we saw his book titled A Sword Called… Kitten? In addition to writing prose, Gordon has authored many plays and musicals which have been performed by professional and amateur groups over the years.

When Gordon isn’t writing, he crews on a 32-foot racing sloop called “Quicker” out of the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club, and occasionally teaches ESL (English as a second language) in Korea. Thank goodness – someone who might be able to tell us what language these instructions are in. Now, perhaps, we can get the DeathStar out of drydock and away from the Google Barge.

Please welcome Gordon to the IU family.