How to Write for Part Two

Medium LogoGuest Post
by Dale E. Lehman

In my last post, I introduced you to Medium, an ad-free platform for readers and writers. You’re no doubt champing at the bit to earn money for Medium stories, so let’s get started. Follow me as I guide you through the authoring tools.

After logging in, your profile image appears in the upper right corner. Click this to drop down your profile menu. You’ll see a number of useful tools are here. Let’s start with “New Story.” Click that to access the editor.

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How to Write for Part One

Medium LogoGuest Post
by Dale E. Lehman

Readers and writers are flocking to Join the flock! With an Alexa rank of 272 as of this writing, Medium is free of advertising, sponsored content, and other annoyances. It’s all about quality writing, great stories, and keen insights. As a writer, you’ll reap many rewards from a Medium membership: read a variety of voices on a range of topics, put your writing in front of the world, and even earn money. Continue reading “How to Write for Part One”

Can I Make Money off My Non-Fiction Book?

non-fiction HORSE TRAINERA reader sent in this question: I saw the blog about Page publishing, I’m thinking about writing educational equine books (as I broke my foot and can no longer train horses I would like to write about it) but wondering if there is any money in writing? It sounded from the blog that you need thousands of dollars to get published and that there is no profit in writing. I’m wondering if it is realistic to expect a profit?”

Dear Horse Trainer,

I’ve only written one non-fiction book (plenty of fiction), and here’s my take on making a profit in writing: not right away. In order to write a successful book on horse training, first you have to give a whole lot. Continue reading “Can I Make Money off My Non-Fiction Book?”

Desperate Author Seeks Employment

will write for foodDear Benevolent and All-Powerful Person in Charge of Hiring Writers:

I am responding to your advertisement for a versatile wordsmith. I do believe I am a good fit for this position since I write suspense, chicklit, satirical, and action-adventure novels; educational children’s books; and non-fiction instructionals. You can find me, and my thirty some-odd titles (yeah, I lost count. I didn’t say I was good at math), on Amazon and other online bookstores. I have been lucky enough to have won a couple of awards for my writing, and I have enjoyed the thrill of seeing some of my books hit the tops of certain Amazon bestseller lists. I’ll be honest, not all my books are awesome – my first novel that was published back in 2001 is awful, so I suggest you don’t waste your money on it. My newer works are much, much better. Unfortunately, even as “bestsellers,” royalties of thirty-five cents per book don’t make for a great living. Yes, I’m proud to say I am a starving author. Things are so bad right now that I recently considered taking a position as an executive envelope-stuffer, but I discovered I have a debilitating fear of paper cuts. Continue reading “Desperate Author Seeks Employment”