Putting Your Indies Unlimited Features to Work for You

guy typing on laptopYour book’s feature is finally live on Indies Unlimited. Now what? You’ve gone through the trouble of querying and submitting. We’ve gone through the trouble of vetting, preparing, and broadcasting your feature through our enormously impressive social media channels. What have you done with it?

Here are some tips to help you get the most from your book’s feature (and/or guest post). Most of these tips will work for you even if you’re running a feature somewhere else, although we really can’t imagine why you’d choose any site other than Indies Unlimited. With our sick Alexa ranking, it’s clear we’re all that. And a bag of chips. And maybe some dip, too. Continue reading “Putting Your Indies Unlimited Features to Work for You”

A Finely Tuned Machine

Yes, that’s right, Indies Unlimited is the finely tuned machine you think it is. Run by snarky yet lovable volunteers, we toil all day, every day, to bring you important, helpful, innovative, and original material – and to publicize your work – all for free.

What does all this benevolent goodness mean? Well, it means, of course, that you are at our mercy. We have your book, and if you ever want to see it again, go to the PayPal button at the right… Oh, wait, sorry…was that my out loud typing? Never mind. As I was saying, that means that things don’t always get done chop-chop here – well, not necessarily to everyone’s standards. Continue reading “A Finely Tuned Machine”

That Book’s Time Is Over

I’ve heard from a number of authors recently how they wanted to wait until their new books came out to run features. As always, I offered to them the opportunity to run a Sneak Peek (book excerpt) for their book since it was more than 90 days old and therefore didn’t qualify for an announcement feature. Their response “Nah, that book’s time is over.”


No. I don’t buy that. Sorry. So, the book didn’t take off the way you’d hoped. That doesn’t mean you should give up on it. There’s no reason that you shouldn’t take advantage of book excerpts or guest posts or any other opportunity which comes your way to feature that book. Continue reading “That Book’s Time Is Over”