Free: Still A Bargain

There is a free lunch, but some would have you believe it’s not good for you… because it’s free. Most people on IU, I’m guessing, are pretty comfortable with some version of the idea that you can sell more books by giving some away.

But not everybody out there in “writer web world” is and some even take it to the next step: moronic denial. Some examples of the arguments one runs into—and should beware of paying serious attention to: Continue reading “Free: Still A Bargain”

My Opinion on Everything

K. S. Brooks with the Washington Post NewshoundThat’s right: I have an opinion on everything. I’ve shown you what your minimal requirements should be for building your author empire here. Now I’m going to tell you some other things you need to know.

1. Backlist. Having only one published book is NOT going to cut it. You need lots of books. If you expect to sell a million books, having a million titles to sell is a phenomenally good idea. That would mean you’d only have to sell one of each title to reach your goal. Of course, you know you can easily sell one book. So, your goal should be to write a good portion of the books you intend to sell. This is such simple logic. I don’t understand why no one gets this.

2. Loss Leader. A loss leader is something that you don’t mind losing money on because it draws people to your offerings and they purchase your other stuff. It’s like the sacrificial lamb of your backlist. This is something every author should have. I’m very good at loss leaders, so take my word for it. I have 10 of them. Continue reading “My Opinion on Everything”

Oh Yeah, It’s Freebie Friday!

Welcome to another edition of  “Freebie Friday” – our celebration of free e-books!

We had an amazing 27 books posted yesterday, and it was difficult selecting only five freebies and one bonus book from all the choices! But you’ll find them below. Five free books? On a Friday no less? Damn straight. We adore alliteration here at Indies Unlimited. And don’t you forget it. So click on the links below and get your free e-books today!

“Flashy Fiction and Other Insane Tales” by Jen Wylie and Sean Hayden

A paranormal anthology of the strange, bizarre, and just plan weird.

“The Scarab” by Scott Rhine

There are very few problems that can’t be solved with a little help from your friends and the proper application of high explosives.

“Anthology of Evil” by JZ Murdock 

A collection of short Horror and Sci Fi stories by the author, including a favorite of actor Rutger Hauer.


“Godspeed Inc: A Naomi Kinder Adventure” by Vincent Miskell

The Science Fiction Encyclopedia calls Godspeed Inc. “a tense thriller set at the edge of the solar system and the first of the Naomi Kinder stories.”

“Killing Anniversary” by Ian St James

Epic family saga which grips to the very last page.


“Outside the Box: A Short Story by Laurie Boris

Although he’d rather be home watching football, Pete attends an avant-garde gallery opening with his fiancée and learns more about modern art than he’d ever imagined.

World Book Night

World Book NightDo you love a book so much you want everyone to read it? World Book Night launched in the UK in 2011 and saw passionate readers across that beautiful country, give 1 million books to light or non readers to spread the joy and love of reading.

World Book Night 2012 will be held on April 23 – in the US and the UK – and they’re looking for 50,000 volunteer book givers to hand out 20 copies each – for a total of 1 million free special World Book Night paperbacks!

The book giver sign up deadline for this year is February 6, 2012.

For more information on how to participate in World Book Night, visit their website.

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