Finding that Thing …

While visiting the island of Puerto Rico, several years ago, I was introduced to a small little frog called Coqui. This little critter, only about the size of a quarter, is beloved on the island. The Coqui has been a cultural symbol in Puerto Rican history for centuries.

Anywhere on the island, the Coqui permeates the evening with its song. The clear, crisp call of “ko-kee” from which it gets its name, fills the humid warm night with music. You can find them everywhere, from the rain forests to the shore, singing all night until dawn.

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What to do, What to do … hmmm, WRITE!


I’ve met a ton of great writers since joining the staff of Indies Unlimited. As I become more involved in the writing world, I realize how tough it is to keep on track with my WIP. Whenever I find myself spending less and less time writing the sequel to The Card, I go straight back to the basics.

Write SOMETHING each day.

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