What to do, What to do … hmmm, WRITE!


I’ve met a ton of great writers since joining the staff of Indies Unlimited. As I become more involved in the writing world, I realize how tough it is to keep on track with my WIP. Whenever I find myself spending less and less time writing the sequel to The Card, I go straight back to the basics.

Write SOMETHING each day.

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Work It!

I was a teacher for a decade.  Not a traditional classroom teacher, a Reading/Writing Specialist.  I worked with kids who suffered from learning challenges.  I also worked with a lot of kids with life challenges – inner city youth primarily.  It was immensely rewarding and very hard. A few months ago, I was handed a medical condition that essentially ended my teaching career (Patulous Eustachian Tubes).  Suddenly, I couldn’t teach to the best of my ability because all I could hear half the time was the sound of wind in my ears.  (A lot less romantic than wind in your hair.)  I don’t do things that I can’t do to the best of my ability…especially something as important as teaching.  So, I decided to give freelance writing a try (more than just fiction).  And I am currently figuring out how to make that work.  Time will tell.

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