Save Time Managing Twitter with

Pick Me!!

So many different gimmicks out there are supposed to make your social media marketing easier. Many times, they just become a time-suck. Twitter is one of those invaluable tools, you can’t live with it and you can’t live without it. When I look at the statistics on my blog, Twitter is the number one referrer to my site. With that being said, it’s very difficult to monitor Twitter beyond the e-mails that you receive that tell you that you have a new follower.

How many of you know who your top supporters are in your Twitter community? How about the top influencers? Continue reading “Save Time Managing Twitter with”

Finding Readers

“Here reader, reader, reader. Here, reader, where are you?”

Finding readers for your books can be like trying to find the proverbial needle in a haystack. There are the usual marketing things you can do to entice them, and there are a few “out of the box” ones that I have stumbled upon that have helped. Marketing, of course, is important. But sometimes it’s not just the marketing aspect that draws readers to you. We are writers; we are supposed to be creative. It’s in our nature to be. So use it! Here are some out of the box ways to find readers: Continue reading “Finding Readers”

You Asked for It: Matt Valenti

Indies Unlimited reader Matt Valenti asks, “My book is a political satire ideal for promoting during the election. Unfortunately, my marketing is entirely from scratch and I’m brand new at this. I want to strike while the iron’s hot but I’m not sure what marketing activities to focus my energies on the most considering my limited time. Thanks for any advice!”

Well, Matt, great question. We’ve had several posts about marketing over the past few months. However, what you ask about is a very different animal compared to the “traditional” (I laugh as I type that, what is traditional in Indie publishing?) long-term marketing plan discussed previously. Continue reading “You Asked for It: Matt Valenti”

Why I Won’t Follow You on Twitter

I’m on Twitter a lot these days, playing hashtag bingo with Kanye West promoting fellow indies and, well, even my own work once in a while. I love meeting new followers, and I want to follow you back. Really, I do.

But in the past five years or so I’ve been on the site, running three different accounts, I’ve learned how to parse out the good from the life’s-too-short.

Here are some “red flags” that tell me you might be the wrong person to follow (if indeed you ARE a person!): Continue reading “Why I Won’t Follow You on Twitter”