Tuesday Tutorial: Hootsuite 101 by Troy Stewart

Marketing Strategist Troy Stewart
Troy Stewart

Hootsuite 101- Twitter Just Got a Lot Easier
So you’ve been using Twitter and starting to gain followers. Perhaps you log in every morning and check to see what your followers are saying. Maybe, you even click on hashtags to see what is going on with current trends. That’s great, better than most actually. But there is a lot more that Twitter has to offer.

How do you access the rest? By using Hootsuite.

A Dashboard

Hootsuite is a “social media dashboard.” Basically, it takes up a page or tab of your browser (it is completely web based) and allows you to see Twitter through an entirely different lens. Hootsuite allows you to view Twitter in a “column” view. That is, your home feed, your @ mentions, your Direct Messages and everything else is put into columns for you to easily access. Continue reading “Tuesday Tutorial: Hootsuite 101 by Troy Stewart”

Tuesday Tutorial: Tweet-Crafting for Fun and Profit

Now that Twitter has turned six, you probably know what to do with that little window. Fill it with 140 characters and send your virtual carrier pigeon aloft, right? But if your tweets plummet and die, you may have to work a little harder. Try these tips to write better tweets that get seen, clicked, and retweeted more often.
Continue reading “Tuesday Tutorial: Tweet-Crafting for Fun and Profit”