Why I Love iBooks

author terry schottGuest Post
by Terry Schott

You might not realize this, but you love iBooks.

In early 2010, Amazon was the only place to sell eBooks, and they paid authors a 35% commission. Then iBooks announced they would be inviting authors to sell in their store. Amazon responded by increasing their payout to 70%.

So, if you sell a book online and make 70% commission from it, then say it with me: I love iBooks. Continue reading “Why I Love iBooks”

Follow Your Passion

bestselling author Joanne ClancyGuest Post
by Joanne Clancy

New Year 2010, I was sitting in my campervan overlooking the cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean in the West of Ireland, wondering what I was going to do with the rest of my life. I came across Amanda Hocking’s blog. Amanda Hocking was a twenty-six year old care worker, who’d written seventeen books in her spare time. In early 2010, she began self-publishing her books, and by March 2011, she was a Kindle millionaire! Amanda’s story was the catalyst that changed my life. Continue reading “Follow Your Passion”

Indie News Beat: Indie Superstar Hugh Howey and Wool

If you haven’t heard of the novel Wool by Hugh Howey, then it’s likely you will at some point in the near future. It has been hailed as science fiction’s answer to 50 Shades, although only in the way that a self-publishing author has broken out, rather than any similarity in content. Wool began as a short story of just 60 pages, first published in July 2011. By the end of that year, Howey had added a further four parts to bring the story up to the generally-accepted idea of novel length. Momentum kept building throughout last year, to the point where today Howey enjoys all the trappings of a successful, A-list fiction author (Ridley Scott has the film rights, Random House are handling the print editions in most territories, and the book’s Amazon page now boasts over 3,300 reviews).

So how did he do it? Continue reading “Indie News Beat: Indie Superstar Hugh Howey and Wool”

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