Five Traits of the Indie Author

Five Traits of the Indie AuthorIndie authors and self-publishing in its current state have been around for a while. In fact, the first eBooks surfaced in 1998 and of course, with the advent of the Kindle in 2007, the market exploded. The feud between traditional publishing continues to wage, both on our turf and off. With all the hoopla, indie writers have quietly developed a skill set essential for success in writing and just about any other business. Without these traits, chances of making it as an Indie Author are slim. These are not textbook examples or the result of a Quinnipiac Poll, but my observations since diving into the world of self-publishing in 2010. Here are my top five traits found in Indie Authors. Continue reading “Five Traits of the Indie Author”

Change is Coming … Are We Ready For It?

I’m going way off base today. I’m writing this on the 44th anniversary of human’s first footsteps on the moon. As I write, I look up and see the Space Shuttle Atlantis displayed as if in orbit, complete with space dust still coating its surfaces. Sitting on a bench in the dimmed lighting, I’m surrounded by artifacts and history at the Kennedy Space Center.

Neil Armstrong’s first steps on the moon, and Atlantis, the last manned mission in the shuttle program, represent the two bookends in the American space program. Continue reading “Change is Coming … Are We Ready For It?”

Email Marketing – A Way To Stand Out in a Crowd


Throughout Indies Unlimited, you will find a wealth of information on everything you need for a successful writing career. As we build our platforms through “like” campaigns and connecting with our readers in about every way imaginable, sometimes it just feels like we get lost in the masses.

We are always asking the question, “How do I stand out in the crowd?” Continue reading “Email Marketing – A Way To Stand Out in a Crowd”

Indie News Beat: Indie Superstar Hugh Howey and Wool

If you haven’t heard of the novel Wool by Hugh Howey, then it’s likely you will at some point in the near future. It has been hailed as science fiction’s answer to 50 Shades, although only in the way that a self-publishing author has broken out, rather than any similarity in content. Wool began as a short story of just 60 pages, first published in July 2011. By the end of that year, Howey had added a further four parts to bring the story up to the generally-accepted idea of novel length. Momentum kept building throughout last year, to the point where today Howey enjoys all the trappings of a successful, A-list fiction author (Ridley Scott has the film rights, Random House are handling the print editions in most territories, and the book’s Amazon page now boasts over 3,300 reviews).

So how did he do it? Continue reading “Indie News Beat: Indie Superstar Hugh Howey and Wool”