Free Author and Book Promotions on Indies Unlimited

book promotion at Indies Unlimited bargain-484372_960_720Indies Unlimited is one of the only (if not THE only) place where indie authors can promote themselves and their books for free. That’s really the heart and soul of IU; helping each other without trying to make money off our friends and colleagues. And the really good news is that there are lots of ways to take advantage of these opportunities. We’re going to break those down for you here. Continue reading “Free Author and Book Promotions on Indies Unlimited”

My KDP Debacle

After reading several IU posts on KDP Select, I decided to give it a try. The novel I used was going to be a re-release of my first book, Project: Dragonslayers.

I figured this was a good idea, since there are currently 2 more books in the series, and I also have a back catalog of other novels and a bunch of short stories. My thinking was if I gave this book away it should help drive sales of everything else. Yeah, right.

I enrolled my book 23 November. About a week later, Amazon sent me an email stating they had found the book on Sony. I explained that it was a first edition and that I had taken down all other versions (that I could find!). Their letter read: Continue reading “My KDP Debacle”

Beyond KDP Select

I joined Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) Select in February, and ran a free promotion. I was one of the lucky ones. It was early, and the magic hadn’t faded yet. Through KDP’s free promotion, I managed to get my book to a whole bunch of readers, over 50,000 of them the first time around. Since then I’ve been trying to re-conjure the same magic with varying degrees of success. In this post I’ll tell you what worked and what didn’t work for me, before and after KDP. These results are based on the fact that I have one book published; authors with a series of books or multiple books have had different results, as reported in Rich Meyer’s excellent post here. Continue reading “Beyond KDP Select”