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K. S. Brooks is the author of over twenty-five titles as well as the co-administrator and chief gruel chef at Indies Unlimited. She is an award-winning novelist and photographer, best known for her Mr. Pish Educational Series and the Agent Night Suspense Series. Learn more about her on her website, or stop by her Author Central page where you will see her books, biography, and this new video.

NewsBites: LogoMania!

NewsBitesWelcome to NewsBites. You probably know we earned our reputation when one of our tankers, the Indies Unlimited Valdez, carrying a load of snark-enhanced truth, sprang a leak and coated random penguins with ugly, sticky facts. Or maybe that was just a dream I had.

Regardless, it is our job to drill deep down into the inky recesses of the internet and pump out delicious and nutritious truth. Then we strip out all the boring stuff. You’re welcome. Continue reading “NewsBites: LogoMania!”

Featured Collection: The Mr. Pish Educational Series

pish head for farm sign clearApril is Mr. Pish month. We continue our celebration of the life and exploits of the famous traveling Terrier with this collection from his educational series of books.

Mr. Pish visited 41 States, Washington DC, and 7 Provinces of Canada to discover awesome places to share with his readers.

All of Mr. Pish’s books promote outdoor learning and literacy and are reviewed by a panel of seasoned educators before release. The Mr. Pish Educational Series currently contains six books, three calendars, and will soon include apps for Apple and Droid products.

Click a book to learn more about it!

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Mr. Pish Birthday Fest!

Mr PishToday is Mr. Pish’s birthday. The “Traveling Terrier” was a champion of childhood literacy and outdoor awareness. He was also the mascot of Indies Unlimited.

Though he passed away at the ripe old age of 16, his legacy lives on through his many books and even a fun companion app.

His long-time human companion and dedicated biographer/transcriptionist is our co-administrator, K.S. Brooks. Mr. Pish left her a wealth of material with which to carry on with his work in helping children love reading, nature, history, and geography.

We celebrate his life and achievements today. If you’d like to drop by any of Mr. Pish’s social media channels and wish him a happy birthday, follow, like, or even buy a book, your gesture would be greatly appreciated.

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