Titles by K. S. Brooks

K. S. Brooks is the author of over twenty-five titles as well as the co-administrator and chief gruel chef at Indies Unlimited. She is an award-winning novelist and photographer, best known for her Mr. Pish Educational Series and the Agent Night Suspense Series. Learn more about her on her website, or stop by her Author Central page where you will see her books, biography, and this new video.

Author: Administrators

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6 thoughts on “Titles by K. S. Brooks”

  1. Kat! I just went to Author Central…Whoa! There was your video. It is
    smashing. Gosh. Do a step one, step two re how to upload a video or direct us to the instructions on Amazon. Envy reigns! I love it.

  2. The force behind the throne; excellent branding, Kat. How long have you had the video on Author Central? It will be interesting to see how much impact it makes.

    1. Thanks, TD. I’ve had a variety of videos up there, but this last one I just updated this past weekend. I wanted something more comprehensive before the BookBub ad ran.

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