Smashwords Pre-order AND Amazon KDP Select at the Same Time

Guest post
by Thorsten Nesch

Contrary to all other information currently available, publishing your eBook for Kindle on Amazon in the KDP Select program and offering it for pre-order over Smashwords parallel IS possible!

A short while ago Smashwords started its pre-order system. Since I’ve published my novels recently at Amazon choosing the 90 day select program, Smashwords caught my attention at a time I was looking for the next platform anyway.

How great is that? I could upload my novels already in Smashwords – since I had the time to do it now – and when Amazon’s 90 days are over, it would be automatically published and widely available. In addition, people could pre-order it before. Perfect. Continue reading “Smashwords Pre-order AND Amazon KDP Select at the Same Time”

Kindle Matchbook

Kindle MatchbookHave you set up your Amazon Kindle Matchbook yet?

This new program offers readers who purchase a print book from the option to purchase the Kindle version of that title for $2.99 or less. Any KDP title that has a print version is eligible for this program launching in October. Continue reading “Kindle Matchbook”

How I Sold 30,000 eBooks on Amazon’s Kindle

How I Sold 30,000 eBooks on Amazon’s Kindle
by Martin Crosbie
Available from Amazon US and Amazon UK.

In February 2012 Martin Crosbie’s self-published eBook My Temporary Life hit Amazon’s top ten overall bestseller list. The next month Amazon posted a press release revealing that Crosbie had made $46,000 in one month, with one book. Previously to this, his novel was rejected one hundred and thirty times by traditional publishers and agents.

In the months that followed, My Temporary Life and its sequel have been consistent sellers, often sitting atop Amazon’s rankings. Crosbie’s story has been mentioned in Publisher’s Weekly, Forbes online, and other media outlets around the world. In fact, Amazon referred to him as one of their 2012 success stories in their year-end press release.

How I Sold 30,000 eBooks on Amazon’s Kindle-An Easy-To-Follow Self-Publishing Guidebook tells the story of how he became a full-time writer, detailing the specific steps he took to find and connect with his readers. Plus, it describes how to adjust and tweak your strategy as Amazon changes their systems.

-Outlines the methods that the top 5% of successful self-published authors utilize to produce their eBooks in a professional, cost-effective manner

-Shows what happened after Amazon changed the rules and what you need to do right now to adjust your strategy

-How to adopt the philosophy that will allow promotional opportunities to come to you

-What you need to know in order to position yourself for a run at the bestseller lists

For a sample of some of the great information in this book, check out this list of book promo sites.

How to Sideload a Kindle

“Well, how do, ma’am. You must be new in town. I’m wonderin’ iffin I could help you up on that thar sidesaddle of yourn. Just put your left foot here in mah hands and I’ll boost you up…”


Oh, sideLOAD, not sideSADDLE. Sorry.

Most of us know that Amazon sends us its Kindle e-books via that rainbow that arcs gently across the sky from Amazon-land to wherever we are, wirelessly, invisibly and oh so easily. But did you know you can also sideload your Kindle? That means transferring files to your Kindle from your computer. Don’t worry; it’s not rocket surgery. It’s actually very easy.

First, take a look at the power cord of your Kindle. (Mine is old, second generation, so yours may look different.) If you’ve never noticed, that fat, fancy plug-in is actually two plugs in one. If you pull off the AC plug, you’ll find underneath a regular USB plug. Plug this end into your computer’s USB port. Your computer should recognize the “new hardware” and will list your Kindle as a drive on your directory tree. (More about this later.) Continue reading “How to Sideload a Kindle”

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