KDP Preorders

kindle preorderYou may recall from my post last month on my disastrous attempt to use the Smashwords preorder feature that I wished Amazon would allow indies to take preorders. Well, the Zon must have been listening to me (she said with no undue modesty whatsoever), because now it does. Continue reading “KDP Preorders”

Smashwords Pre-order AND Amazon KDP Select at the Same Time

Guest post
by Thorsten Nesch

Contrary to all other information currently available, publishing your eBook for Kindle on Amazon in the KDP Select program and offering it for pre-order over Smashwords parallel IS possible!

A short while ago Smashwords started its pre-order system. Since I’ve published my novels recently at Amazon choosing the 90 day select program, Smashwords caught my attention at a time I was looking for the next platform anyway.

How great is that? I could upload my novels already in Smashwords – since I had the time to do it now – and when Amazon’s 90 days are over, it would be automatically published and widely available. In addition, people could pre-order it before. Perfect. Continue reading “Smashwords Pre-order AND Amazon KDP Select at the Same Time”